Halloween Bondage Hangover - DVD
48 Minutes, Five Models

Attired in a skimpy two-piece red, white and blue uniform, Blake Eden is one naughty blonde cheerleader! No surprise then that Blake's been grabbed by an envious rival, who hides her away tightly-bound and tape-gagged. But Blake's not giving up without a struggle and squirms downstairs; unfortunately for the spunky cheerleader, vigilant villainy triumphs when she's discovered, then tied down in the bathroom, her ankles hitched in the sink!

Candle Boxxx made a big mistake when she "borrowed" her friend's Cowgirl costume! Payback arrives in the form of bondage that leaves Candle standing hitched to a spreader-bar, a red bandanna between her lips. Later, her breasts exposed and arms raised in a semi-strappado, Candle balances uneasily on booted feet. Her lesson doesn't end, however, until she's rolling hogtied and barefoot on the floor!

Adorably studious in her caped grey dress, white knee socks and sharp-toed pumps, Staci Carr saw no harm in modeling the costume for her mild-mannered acquaintance. Until, that is, his manner became less mild and he subdued the luscious little blonde with rope and tape! Seated on a wooden chest, Staci writhed angrily and mumbled protests through her gag, but she was powerless to prevent her shoes from being removed and her breasts bared!

It's obvious that something sinister's occurred in the medical office -- the safe's empty and buxom nurse Edyn Blair's perched on the table above it, her white uniformed body webbed with black rope, while a knotted black cleave separates her lips! The impressive nature of Nurse Edyn's charms only become apparent after the mischievous thief slips off her shoes and exposes her breasts; as she writhes and kicks up her white-stockinged feet, Edyn's hat falls off and her red hair flows over her shoulders!

Ah, the s of espionage -- Mila Brite was almost out the door with an attache case full of secrets when her escape was rudely interrupted. Disguised as a hostess in a gold-trimmed scarlet jacket and skirt, Mila stands tethered to a stair-railing and mouths a white cleave-gag while she waits to be exchanged. As time passes, the blonde spy's placed on the floor, her ample breasts revealed when her jacket's unbuttoned; when Mila grows impatient, she wriggles toward the door, which she attempts to unlock with her fishnet-stockinged toes!

ID #: CB-81