My Prisoner In Bondage: Kylie Sinner - DVD
46 Minutes, One Model

Nerd girls don't get much cuter than Kylie Sinner, who sits working at her laptop in top, skirt and sandals, her eyes intent and serious behind her glasses. So focused is Kylie that she never notices that villain in the hoodie sneaking up behind her until she's literally in his clutches! Her mouth stuffed with cloth and sealed with duct-tape, sweet Kylie writhes bound and tethered to her office chair, powerless to prevent the evil man from cynically fondling her as he explains his mission!

Kylie hopes that the ominous operative will quickly complete his assignment and depart but that's not in the cards. Unclothed, Kylie's lush naked body is controlled by ropework as she lies back on a couch; her eyes widen in disbelief when the hooded man raises her shapely bare feet and begins to suck on her toes! After she's shifted onto her stomach, tape-gagged Kylie squeals while her curvaceous bottom tempts her oppressor into swatting her bottom; alone at last, she squirms in a determined but futile effort to burst her bonds!

Removed from the couch, Kylie's tied onto a small but sturdy metal table and humiliatingly displayed for the enjoyment of the self-serving intruder. With her ankles tethered to either side of the table, her legs are spread, the better to expose Kylie's hitherto private parts; enthused by her rope- induced predicament, Kylie's mysterious persecutor looms behind her for a two-handed breast massage while the nude girl angrily mouths her cleave-gag! When he's sufficiently amused himself, he temporarily abandons Kylie, who twists on her uncomfortable perch and views her disheartening reflection in a large wall mirror.

It's a restrictive tale of the tape for Kylie after she's dumped on a bed, her body controlled by sticky white coils! Still indignant at her astonishing descent into domination by this evil man, Kylie thrashes energetically on the bed, but kicking up her large and shapely bare feet only serves as an irresistable temptation to the toe-sucking malefactor! Once again, Kylie's feet are callously mouthed, while the excited man shows his gratitude for her tasty toes by spanking her! When she lies on her side, momentarily motionless, Kylie's tormented by the sight of her tape- gagged image reflected back to her by yet another mirror.

Her least favorite stranger has completed his assignment but before exiting Kylie's life, he assures a lengthy head-start by leaving her seated on the floor trussed-up in tan rope and gagged with duct tape! Kylie's treated to a hands-on farewell, then squirms desperately on the carpet before she spots her phone still lying on the desk where she'd been working so peacefully only a few hours before! After wriggling from carpet to hardwood, Kylie lies on her back and raises her legs so that her feet rest on the desk, then manages to burst the string that's tied her big toes together! But, in her final disappointment of the day, her phone remains inches away from the toes so frantically stretching for it; Kylie's rescue will be delayed until a friend or neighbor hears her gag-muffled appeals for help!

ID #: PB-05