Neatly Dressed And Tightly Bound - DVD
51 Minutes, Eight Models

Leah Gotti's assignment was simple: Make sure that nosy secretary Charlotte Cross was kept on ice! Leah thought she'd accomplished her task by holding Charlotte in bondage, but her ropework was faulty and the tables were quickly turned. Once she had Leah tied hand and foot on the floor and mouthing the same black cleave- gag that had separated her lips, Charlotte couldn't resist a few moments of payback. She tarried too long, though, and was caught straddling Leah when the bungling bad girl's boss materialized. He ended Charlotte's dominant interlude by placing her tape- gagged and hogtied on the couch; to discipline Leah for her failure, he left her more tightly bound on the floor in front of Charlotte!

Stylishly dressed in a grey sweater and skirt, plus shiny black pumps, Phoebe Queen's ready for work. But petite Phoebe's been side-tracked and now lies tied and tape-gagged on her bed as she nervously awaits the arrival of business partner Xandra Sixx. Xandra's bringing a financial document demanded by the angry man who believes that the two naive businesswomen have defrauded him; when she finally delivers it, however, it turns out to be worthless and Xandra joins Phoebe in bondage! Before the harrowing episode ends, their breasts are bared and shoes removed, while their restraint escalates until Phoebe and Xandra twist side-by-side on their hips in waist-ankle tethers!

Her hands are tied behind her and she's tape-gagged but spunky secretary Jenna Ivory's on the run; before she can use her phone, however, she's seized and seated on a wooden table, her ankles tethered to the table leg! Jenna's still not giving up, especially after the unpleasant intruders expose her breasts, so the feisty blonde slips off her shoes, tugs free of the tether and tries to reach the phone once more! When she's apprehended again, Jenna's rudely prevented from further escape attempts by a hogtie that leaves her arching in frustration on the table!

Anissa Kate's adding the last touches of make-up before leaving for work when her preparations are interrupted by a business rival, who ties the exotic entrepreneur to the bathroom's towel rack! Standing cleave-gagged and bound, Anissa's eye- catching in her leopard-print blouse, red pencil skirt and bright blue sandals, but her enemy's not satisfied with taunting the bound girl! After Anissa's lowered to the floor, a tape-gag replaces the cleave and she writhes barefoot and bare-breasted!

Pretty office-worker Kenna James is seated at her desk when she's surprised by a skull-masked intruder who ties her hands and feet, and gags her with a black cleave. Co-worker Harley Jade receives the same treatment when she returns from a break; soon Kenna and Harley sit cowering on the floor as the mysterious figure towers over them. Curled up and huddling together in their stockinged feet, the bare-breasted innocents await this ominous man's shocking revelation!

ID #: SB-142