Jay Smooth Spy In Bondage - DVD
42 Minutes, One Model

Secret agent Jay Smooth is captured by the enemy and tied up over and over again in bondage.

After his capture 008 Jay Smooth is left chair bound and chewing on cloth stuffed in his mouth that's held in place by a wide black gag! With some ingenuity Jay is able to un-gag himself but that doesn't last long as his captors seal his mouth shut with duct tape!

To humiliate agent Jay Smooth his captors strip off his shirt and tie him standing and trussed up to the ceiling. Jay spins and struggles against the ropes as his tape muffled cries go unanswered!

Stripped down to his underwear Jay Smooth is confined in plastic wrap and tape as his captors continue to push Jay to the edge. The mummified secret agent looks to be in real trouble as his captors continue to put him jeopardy!

The humiliation goes to a whole new level as Jay Smooth is tied to a bondage horse in only his underwear, ball gagged and is that's not enough they put a cowboy hat on him to welcome him to America! Will his agency ever rescue poor Jay!

As his ordeal comes to an end Jay Smooth's captors have one last thing they want to subject this two bit agent to, zip ties! Tape gagged and zip tied in his underwear Jay struggles to no avail!

ID #: MIB-106