Grab And Bind Of Amarna Miller: A Nude For A Nude Exchange - DVD
45 Minutes, One Model

Amarna Miller has a hair-raising story to tell, one that she introduces in her appealing Spanish-accented English. Amarna's encounter with evil begins early one day as she finishes her make-up in front of the bathroom mirror. An intruder's voice freezes Amarna, who meekly follows his orders to gag herself with the cloth stuffing and duct-tape he supplies her with! Before long, she's lying in the bathtub, her stylish black dress pinned to her body with tightly- knotted white rope; Amarna's visitor tells her that he's arranging her journey to another location! At first, dazed by her plight, she sits barely moving but, before long, the barefoot girl is rolling about desperately in her porcelain container; Amarna even manages to raise her legs over the edge of the tub but it's too late -- he's back to take her away!

Once she's been transported, the plot begins to clarify for Amarna. Wearing only her pastel blue bra and panties now, Amarna sits tied up on a bed while the sinister stranger holds a paper next to her face and speaks to the camcorder he's set up to record this alarming tableau. On the paper is a small black and white copy of a famous painting: Goya's "Nude Maja"; he's learned Amarna's the daughter of a noble Spanish family that owns one of the painter's own copies of this priceless work. He wants the painting; in return for it, her family will get Amarna back! Once the message has been recorded, Amarna's gagged with microfoam tape and left by herself; when her struggles become too vigorous, she's hitched sideways against the headboard. Bare-breasted now, spunky Amarna attempts to loosen the ankle tether with her bare toes!

Negotiations for the exchange are proceeding slowly so the annoyed mastermind decides that it's time for Amarna to be just as nude as the painting. Stripped of her lingerie, she's efficiently bound with microfoam tape to match her gag and placed facedown on a couch! Aware of her vulnerability and indignant that she's become a pawn in this scheme to rob her family, the auburn-haired aristocrat twists furiously until she lies gasping on her side, but the tape proves too strong for her!

The painting's still not on the way, so Amarna's nudity becomes more shockingly humiliating after she's transferred to a wooden coffee table and seated with her legs spread wide by ankle tethers! A crotch-rope lodges invasively between Amarna's bushy nether lips while a bright red ball-gag fills her mouth; the intimidated girl can't prevent herself from drooling as she sways in her restraint! Amarna's relieved at first when her legs are freed, but she's disillusioned after a hogtie leaves her in awkward immobility on her stomach!

Good news for the villain; not so much for Amarna -- the painting's finally in his greedy hands! Time for him to split with the loot, while Amarna remains behind for family security ops to belatedly rescue. As a last mean-spirited touch, his naked bargaining chip's seated in a chair, her pink-fleshed body oppressively secured with black plastic zip-ties; Amarna's gagged with mouth stuffing held in place by another zip-tie. A pair of black-rimmed glasses balance on her nose until they disappear during her cautious struggling. Amarna will finally be going home -- what about the painting?

ID #: KD-91