Gagged And Struggling Costume Girls - DVD
46 Minutes, Five Models

Her interrupted by larcenous intruders, buxom Blair Summers lies wide awake on her bed in bright red pajamas speckled with white polka-dots. The pajamas are also coiled with white rope restraining Blair's body; microfoam tape seals her lips! Ordered to remain motionless, the apprehensive girl is obedient at first, then raises her bare feet as she attempts to loosen her ankle bonds, before rolling onto her side for more futile struggling! Blair's ample breasts burst out of the pajamas after she's disciplined for defiance, a reverse reward that's completed with a hogtie that leaves the -deprived damsel squirming on her stomach!

It looks like "Dorothy" has been detoured into bondage on her way back to Kansas! Dressed in an appealing blue-checked skirt topped off by a revealing white blouse, Lena Shelby squirms tied and tape-gagged with her legs stretched over the arm of a lounge-chair and kicks up her bright-red high heels! Before long, Lena's shoes disappear and the wide-eyed little blonde arches her bare feet before she's folded onto her hip with a tether; Lena's exposed breasts completes the innocent heroine's domination!

Dressed in a two-piece harem outfit that exposes her midsection, Brooke Morgan stands bound with tan cord, her eyes wary above the multi-colored scarf tied over her mouth! Brooke has good reason to be concerned because she's soon lowered onto the floor and her body folded by an intricate rope web; the scarf's now a lip-separating cleave! After her breasts are bared, Brooke kicks up her bare feet in frustration before rolling onto her side, where she continues to writhe vigorously!

Clad in a silver body-suit, boots, glove and mask, Space-Girl is a literally dazzling superheroine! She's proved that ropes can't hod her -- unfortunately for her, plastic cable-ties are another story! At first, the disillusioned Space-Girl stands struggling in the slender but unbreakable plastic bonds; a black tape-gag soon stifles her angry retorts to villainous mockery! When she's lowered onto the wooden floor, several more ties encircle her body from ankles to shoulders; almost completely immobilized, Space-Girl's powerless to prevent her unmasking -- why look, it's beautiful Blake Eden!

Ah, the s of the upper class! Holly Manning had just finished a morning of equestrienne maneuvers when evildoers whisked her off into an afternoon of roped and silenced submission! Still clad in her shiny leather knee boots, red pants, blue jacket and black cap, Holly sits bound and indignant on a bed, her lips spread by a red bandanna gag! When negotiations for her release stall and Holly manages to pull free of the tether pinning her to the bed's headboard, her callous profit-seeking hosts double-down on her restraint. Lying hogtied on her stomach, Holly finds it difficult to maintain the dignity so natural to this aristocratic young woman!

ID #: CB-84