Girlfriends Gagged And Bound - DVD
46 Minutes, Eight Models

Tied to a wooden post in her bright blue bra and panties, delicate damsel Kristen Scott was just where predatory beauty Blair Williams wanted her! Blair kept Kristen blindfolded at first, then removed the cloth from the disoriented girl's eyes, only to exchange it for a tape-gag. Nearly a foot taller than Kristen in her high-heeled sandals, Blair confidently asserted her dominance by baring and teasing the bound girl's breasts! Then she tugged down Kristen's panties so she could playfully press her fingers against her little subject's pussy; Blair provided a more permanent presence between Kristen's legs with a crotch-rope, then stepped away so she could watch an unavailing battle against bondage!

Happily for Kristen, a rescuer appeared who preferred to watch a tall and buxom young woman writhe in ropes, so a disbelieving Blair quickly found herself sitting barefoot and bound in her little black dress while Kristen took revenge! Blair begged for mercy through her tape-gag, but Kristen wasn't listening; instead she fondled her rope- framed breasts and licked her nipples! When it was time for her to split, Kristen assured that Blair wouldn't forget her by leaving the humiliated dom hogtied on the platform -- how richly satisfying to watch her arch in noisy futility!

It's been a strange day for Alix Lynx, who's seated on the floor with her back against the wall; wearing only red bra and panties, Alix is gagged with duct tape and her voluptuous body is bound with rope! As the busty blonde struggles, she's joined by best friend Luna Lain, who edges down the stairway behind her despite similar mobility-impairing ropework coiled around her red and black teddy! Once Luna reaches the first floor, Alix slides close to her and the galpals huddle together on their hips until the spunky redhead decides to wriggle toward the door! As Alix watches, Luna lies back and twists the doorknob with her bare toes until it's obvious that they'll have to wait in bondage for a rescuer to arrive!

Although Blake Eden would never have admitted it, snuggling naked in bed next to Summer Day was a dream come true. Or it would have been if both of them hadn't been transformed into securely-roped nude packages by ill-intentioned intruders who also limited their noise- making potential with several strips of tape over their lips! So as Blake rolled back and forth on the sheets with Summer and accidentally touched breast-to-breast, she occasionally felt a twinge of arousal, but her primary emotion was the apprehension she also detected in the eyes of her best friend!

The devious drama was playing out just as Brooke Morgan had planned it: Shyla Jennings, the petite object of her obsession stood naked, bound and tape-gagged before her! Towering over the whimpering Shyla, Brooke confidently stroked her body and fondled her breasts; Brooke's black high heels dominated Shyla's tiny bare feet! But the second act unfolded quite differently when a false friend turned Brooke into Shyla's bondage twin! Kneeling nude and powerless on a platform next to her former plaything, Brooke squealed indignantly through the duct tape sealing her lips while the shameless man relished the ropebound undulations of both women!

ID #: FB-449