Hot Douchebag Bound In A Sleazy Garage - DVD
42 Minutes, One Model

When his expensive sportscar broke down during a road trip, Max Evergreen was far out in the boondocks. Max managed to get the vehicle to the only auto-repair shop for miles around and made it clear that he expected the yokels manning the garage to get his car back on the road without delay. But the hotshot exec's big-city manner came across as disrespect to the staff, so an incredulous Max soon found himself bound to a chair in the shop's office while one of the thuggish workers stuffed and duct-taped his mouth! Writhing desperately in the chair, Max began to realize just how much trouble he was in!

Freed from his perch in the office, Max wasn't any happier after he was dumped on the shop's greasy cement floor next to his car. Unable to express his anger in anything other than guttural moans because of the cleave-gag in his mouth, Max twisted nervously while the workers he'd treated so contemptuously mocked his plight!

Max's situation only got hairier after he was stripped to shorts and shoes, then bound to a metal post in the midst of the shop! Ball-gagged by the surprisingly well- prepared psychos running the garage, Max strained against efficient ropework and cursed the incredibly bad luck that brought him to this little corner of hell!

After he was trussed on his back to a pair of narrow metal rails a few inches off the floor, Max wondered what miserable surprise awaited him. The stunning answer came swiftly when the obviously deranged mechanic in coveralls gleefully pushed a button that raised the rails and left Max squirming frantically and gasping through his tape- gag high above the floor -- he'd come in for repairs to his car and now Max was the one on the lift!

Max breathed easier once the lift was lowered and he was released from its metallic grasp, but sitting tied and tape-gagged in the less than pristine office bathroom still left him in a desperate predicament -- one that grew even more troubling when he overheard the staff discussing the sale of his car! Poor Max; the wheel of fortune has brought him so low that it has to turn back up before long.

ID #: MIB-107