Maids Wanted For Bondage - DVD
46 Minutes, Five Models

Imagine an episode of "Upstairs, Downstairs" taking a very unexpected turn and you'll have the context for Holly Manning standing tied and cleave- gagged in her retro housemaid uniform! Evidently, Holly's rules infraction must have been severe to warrant such discipline, a rebuke by ropework that escalates within minutes! High heels removed and cleave replaced by tape, Holly kneels barefoot on a platform; an overhead rope-chain connection supports the disgraced servant as she strains against her humiliating bondage!

Beautiful Irish barmaid Kenna James certainly doesn't deserve to be seized and bound by a grizzled intruder who conveniently keeps her out of the way by stashing her in the bathroom! Kenna's dazzling in a bright green skirt complemented by red fish-nets as she sits tied and cleave-gagged on a small wooden chest, then slips off her black pumps before trying to lower herself onto the floor. Caught in the act, the blonde heroine's legs are swung up over the sink and tethered to the spigot; bare- breasted and powerless, Kenna murmurs pathetically as she catches sight of her bound and gagged image in the mirror!

It doesn't take long for Kristen Scott to discover that she has no future as a cat burglar! On her very first job, the petite thief is grabbed and her black cat- suited body pinned to a bed in a web of white rope; gagged with a black cleave, Kristen twists and turns energetically but her strength is no match for the knotted coils! Matters become progressively more unpleasant for Kristen after her high heels are removed, she's unmasked, and the remorseful girl finally re-positioned into a restrictive barefoot hogtie!

A certain type of educator simply won't abide verbal defiance, so mouthy student Brooke Lynn Santos receives a ropes-and-gag timeout designed to alter her behavior! Her eyes flashing defiantly, Brooke stands bound in her white blouse, short green plaid skirt, ankle socks, and low-heeled brown shoes; the tan ropes securing her limbs are also hitched to rings above her head. When her tape-gagged mumbling reveals that Brooke has failed to learn her lesson, more embarrassing discipline ensues in the form of breast exposure and a crotch-rope tied over her black panties!

There's a different maid, a different costume, but a similar outcome when vivacious Amarna Miller mounts the bondage-horse! Amarna's garbed in a crimson chambermaid outfit and her red lips separated by a blue ball-gag that incites uncontrolled drooling, but it's at the other end of her body that she'll experience the most discomfort. With her torso trussed to the post and her legs stretched out and tied down, Amarna's super-ticklish stockinged feet are easy prey for roaming fingers that elicit gag-muffled shrieks; the hooded malefactor adds a few moments of rib- tickling for good measure!

ID #: CB-85