Well Dressed To Bare Breasts - DVD
49 Minutes, Six Models

It's difficult to imagine a more adorable barmaid than Kylie Quinn, whose sparkling eyes, glowing skin and lush lips radiated an innocent allure that made her sweet body's rope-bound restraint all the more ing! Seated on the edge of her bed, Kylie twisted unhappily in bondage and mouthed a knotted black cleave-gag as her black pumps tapped against the floor! The luscious little brunette's plight concluded in a considerably more restrictive position when Kylie squirmed barefoot and bare-breasted on the bed, a tether linking her waist and ankles!

Molly Mae was looking forward to a workout, but when her tight- fitting grey leotard was coiled with even tighter white ropes, Molly's exercise was limited to contortions that left her bound even more securely than when she began! Seated on a dining table and gagged with duct tape, Molly stretched and twisted in unsuccessful efforts to free herself. After her breasts were bared, the wide-eyed little blonde was practically immobilized by a hogtie that highlighted the vulnerable appeal of her toe- tied bare feet!

Soon after Shaye Rivers painted her toenails blue, wiggled into a tight black minidress and slipped on a pair of peep-toe pumps, the bewildered party girl was plunged into a twilight zone of bondage! Tied and cleave-gagged on a metal bench, Shaye sat vigorously struggling beneath a chalkboard scrawled with ominous words "Bound Blondes 4 Sale"! To prevent any chance of escape, Shaye's ankles were tethered to the bench; to enhance her commercial appeal, the dress was lowered to expose her breasts!

Jillian Janson didn't think twice when her friends asked for a favor; she'd chill at their house for a few hours with limited responsibilities -- no problem. But as Jillian relaxed on a couch in her tight green tank-top and skimpy black shorts, a mysterious development drastically altered her situation! As the barefoot blonde sat wriggling in ropes, she tried to regain control but her protests were stifled by the cloth stuffed in her mouth and the duct tape plastered over it! To Jillian's dismay, her naked breasts soon peeked out between the ropes bound tight around her chest and she was reduced to fruitless exertions against her restraints while lying in embarrassment on her side!

Dressed in red plaid skirts, midriff-exposing skimpy blouses and white socks, Alexa Grace and Jada Skye were an eye-catching pair of costume party students - - too bad the party would have to start without them! Seems that an envious rival left Alexa and Jada sitting tied and tape-gagged on their living-room floor, where they struggled so energetically that their shoes slipped off and their breasts burst free of their blouses! Curled up back-to-back or writhing on their sides, blonde and brunette beauties never surrendered but failed to solve the knotty problem that kept them home for the evening.

ID #: FB-455