Men And Women In Jeopardy - DVD
46 Minutes, Ten Models

Partners in a PR firm, Kylie Sinner and Max Evergreen are grabbed and tied by a ruthless blackmailer who's intent on stealing information about their celebrity clients! While their captor ransacks the place Kylie and Max rolls around struggling against the ropes.

Hands and feet bound, Axel Aces and Holly Manning are sitting side-by-side on a bed -- have they been sidelined by a burglar? No, they're undergoing a bizarre "therapy" intended to improve their ability to co-operate in the midst of stressful situations!

While light-fingered intruders operate throughout their house, Robby Echo and Karla Kush sit out the alarming event on a wide red naugahyde chair. Tightly bound side-by- side, Robby in his underwear and Karla in her birthday suit, the unlucky couple whisper nervously to each other until Karla cracks and begins to scream. With ball gags stuffed in between their lips the tied up pair struggle to free themselves from the ropes.

When Cassidy Klein's supervisor at the massage parlor discovers her playing with Lucas Frost, she punishes the naughty girl -- and Lucas the innocent bystander by tying them both up together and gagging poor Cassidy with a red ball and Lucas with tape.

Logan Pierce and Cherie DeVille learn that it can be hazardous to play ball with the big boys when they wind up in bondage at an isolated location. Briefs-clad Logan and naked Cherie squirm desperately on the floor of a crowded storage room!

ID #: CC-48