Captivating Bondage Cases - DVD
53 Minutes, Six Models

As the minutes pass, buxom maid Blair Williams grows more apprehesive; securely tied to a wooden chair in her dazzling red uniform and gagged with a black cleave, Blair's no longer in control of her immediate future! No, it's mischievous Shaye Rivers who's in charge and eagerly takes advantage of the bound and gagged maid's plight, first happily fondling Blair's bare breasts, then propping her fishnet-stockinged feet high onto the back of a second chair for a few moments of squeal-inducing tickling!

Shaye doesn't have long to enjoy her domination of Blair because when the maid escapes her bondage, she's hot for payback! Trussed-up and tape-gagged, Shaye stands barefoot while Blair towers over her and gleefully tweaks her nipples before sliding a hand between her pantieless legs! Then Blair imitates Shaye's tickling initiative by seating her in the chair she once occupied and tantalizing her elevated bare soles; the vengeful maid goes Shaye one better by mouthing her wriggling bare toes!

Stripped to her bra and panties, Janira Wolfe squirms tied and tape-gagged as she lies face-down on a couch! Wide-eyed Janira kicks up her shapely bare feet while straining in frustration at the ropework controlling her lithe body, then works herself to a seated position on the edge of the couch. The enterprising heroine slides onto the floor and wriggles toward freedom, but her escape's blocked and Janira ends up back on her stomach, this time on the floor and tethered to one of the couch-legs!

Holly Manning loves the thrill that results from slipping into her harem girl costume and allowing her fantasies to run wild. But the thrill turns to alarm when fantasy becomes reality and Holly finds herself struggling in ropework wound around her flashy pink, yellow and red outfit! At first curling up barefoot on a couch, Holly carefully stands but quickly encounters the seedy character responsible for her bondage; after lifting her into his arms, the sneering villain carries her back to the sofa, where he places her facedown! Trapped on her stomach, cleave-gagged Holly murmurs angrily and kicks up her feet in frustration!

Relaxing after a spirited workout, Adriana Sephora and Leah Gotti curl up on the couch in their eye-catching blue thong-leotards, headbands and pantyhose. The mellow moments don't last long, however, because they're accosted by an intruder who's carrying a plentiful supply of thin rope that he uses to tie Adriana's wrists and ankles, then to secure Leah in identical fashion before gagging them with white cleaves! Seated side-by-side, the alarmed workout pair burns calories in an unusual way by twisting and straining against bondage augmented with upper-body ropework! After Leah and Adriana also spend struggling time curled up in their stockinged feet on the floor, they're relocated to a bed and re-gagged with red bandannas; despite the changes, the weary couple remain under control of the thin but taut ropes!

ID #: FB-458