Mysterious Intruders Bind Beautiful Businesswomen - DVD
58 Minutes, Seven Models

Holly Manning was dressed to receive a welcome guest in a white short-sleeved blouse, short blue skirt and silvery peep-toe heels. But when she answered the door, Holly was confronted by a very unwelcome stranger who wasted no time in binding her with tan rope and gagging her with a white cleave! Stashed in a guest bedroom while the thief plied his trade, Holly slipped off her shoes and began to wriggle along the hardwood floor back to the front door. Partway down the hall, however, the vigilant intruder interrupted her progress and returned her to the bedroom; there Holly was left leaning against the bed and pinned on her hip by a waist-ankle tether!

Grabbed at her desk, sweet little Shaye Rivers sits bound on the floor in blouse, skirt and stockinged feet, her lips sealed with duct tape! Shaye's in the clutches of an evildoer who's awaiting the arrival of her best friend, Blair Williams; when Blair appears, she's stunned to find Shaye in bondage, a plight she soon shares as both women writhe next to each other on the floor! Undoubtedly enticed by Blair's curvaceous silhouette, the wicked man bares her breasts and extends the same courtesy to Shaye! Left rolling around on the hardwood floor, the trussed-up couple pluck at each other's wrist ropes until Shaye's finally able to free her hands!

Just an ordinary phone call by Blake Eden telling a friend she can't make it for dinner because she's stuck at the office. But Blake's downcast demeanor and the open safe behind her reveal that there's more to the story and indeed, as soon as she's off the phone, the lovely secretary's trussed up in her chair and silenced with a knotted black cleave-gag! While he's occupied with more thievery, Blake slips off her heels and carefully stands in stockinged feet; despite the ropes pinning her ankles and knees together, she hopes to move closer to a window where she can call for help. It's a longshot that's soon quashed by the annoyed burglar, who ropes Blake securely to the chair, then bares her breasts in a mean- spirited power display that leaves her struggling indignantly!

Busy exec Janira Wolfe is taking a brief break when it's rudely interrupted by a hooded intruder who sneaks in her back door, gags her with a black cleave, then ties her hands behind her back! Apparently he's a disgruntled former employee who's out to humiliate the woman who fired him, a task he accomplishes by first perching bound and gagged Janira on the edge of her dining table and exposing her breasts! Next, off come Janira's high heels so the vengeful man can tickle her stockinged soles; as a final nasty touch, he hogties the stunned businesswoman and pays her foot-bottoms another fingernail visit before abandoning the desperately arching Janira!

Clad in colorful, short-sleeved blouses, short black skirts, pantyhose and spike heels, Adriana Sephora and Leah Gotti aren't your ordinary entrepreneurs -- nor is the predicament they find themselves in after Adriana's followed home by a nasty- looking thug! As the shocked young women tremble, he uses the thin rope he's brought with him to bind Adriana's wrists and ankles, then repeats the process for Leah's benefit! Gagged with white cleaves, their arms also pinned to their bodies with ropes above and below their breasts, the apprehensive pair sit nervously next to each other on a couch; after their shoes are removed, they curl up on the floor! Before departing with Adriana's briefcase full of proprietary data, the thoughtful thief moves her and Leah onto a bed where they call for help as they attempt to loosen the knots holding them in restraint!

ID #: SB-149