Single Girls In Double Jeopardy - DVD
48 Minutes, Two Models

Relaxing at the piano after a challenging day at the office, Molly Mae's demurely appealing in her blue blouse, black skirt, pantyhose and heels. In an instant, however, Molly's peaceful interlude is shattered by a familiar but unwelcome figure -- the shady consultant whose schemes she and her colleague in amateur detective work, Chloe Amour, have been probing! He demands the return of a drive loaded with incriminating data; when Molly refuses, the trembling little blonde is bound securely, gagged with a knotted cleave and seated on the nearby couch with her ankles tethered to its leg! Molly's plight escalates when her breasts are bared and her shoes removed by the desperate villain, who attempts to gain her cooperation by tickling her stockinged soles!

Molly's hopeful that Chloe will somehow elude the vicious man's clutches, but she's also no match for an experienced evildoer! Pinned to a bed's metal headframe by ropes that anchor her wrists to the bedposts on either side of her, Chloe sits mouthing a knotted black cleave and trying to maintain her defiance of the fraudster's demands. Chloe's ankles have been tethered to the lower end of the bed, so when she refuses to crack, her shoes are removed, big toes tied together and her bare soles receive the same tantalizing treatment that was applied to Molly's foot-bottoms! Although she still refuses to give in, poor Chloe writhes and drools, then shudders when she's told that she and Molly will be united in bondage -- but with much less clothing!

Stripped to her thong panties, Molly sits tautly-roped on a wooden chair, eyes darting anxiously around her above a microfoam tape-gag. Molly still nurses the faint hope that Chloe will bring rescuers, but that's extinguished when her friend's shoved in next to her; also clad only in panties, Chloe's tape-gagged and her hands are tied behind her back. According to their sinister opponent their situation is starkly simple: You'll remain in bondage until you tell me where you've hidden the drive! After Chloe's also bound to a chair, she and Molly squirm side-by-side and murumur uneasily to each other through their gags; the man controlling their destiny later turns them face-to-face to confront this unpleasant reality more directly.

Have Molly and Chloe reached a stalemate with the infamous character holding them in restraint that now subdues their naked bodies? Despite his ruthless intimidation, the courageous girls refuse to surrender, even as they sit next to each other against a bed's headboard. Legs crossed at the ankles and mouths covered with duct-tape, Chloe and Molly are physically and emotionally challenged but continue to strain against ropework designed to sap their spirits. And finally an alteration in their position arrives that accomplishes his perfidious task -- after she and Chloe arch desperately in hogties for several minutes, Molly signals that she's had enough! Gag removed, she reveals that the drive he's so determined to recover is hidden in the piano!

It's back to the couch where Molly's introduction to ropes and gags began; now she and Chloe, both still naked, bound and tape-gagged, huddle facing each other in its limited space, their knees drawn up close to the bare breasts! While their gloating nemesis leaves them briefly alone to check the drive, the weary pair quietly slide their feet onto the floor, maneuver back-to-back and pluck pathetically at wrist bonds that refuse to give way. Before departing with his prize, the heartless man folds Chloe and Molly on their hips with waist- ankle tethers; until they're freed from the immovable rope webs, the beleaguered young ladies have plenty of time to regret their misguided investigative ambitions!

ID #: HH-126