Heiresses In Bondage - DVD
46 Minutes, Two Models

Janira Wolfe and Chrissy Marie were trapped in a scheme to steal a fortune!

Janira raced to the executor's office as soon as she learned that she was one of the heirs to a 10-million-dollar fortune. Poor Janira had no idea what she was walking into until the hooded figure seized and bound her, then demanded the name of the third heir to the fortune! When the bewildered girl pleaded ignorance, he tied a black cleave between her lips and coiled more rope above and below her breasts; Janira tried to make a break but couldn't escape the mystery man's clutches and was soon hitched to a chair! After struggling unsuccessfully for several minutes, Janira was untethered from the chair and carried off to a back room because a second heir was on the way.

Her name was Chrissy Marie and she received a welcome similar to Janira's when she arrived at the office. Chrissy had been on the way to a costume party when she received the great news about her windfall, so she was entered the office as a skimpily-clad schoolgirl. She remained as a gagged and trussed heiress squirming in futility on the floor after the black-clad nemesis surprised her; like Janira, Chrissy wriggled out of her heels so she was barefoot when the hooded man lifted her into the air and carried her away to meet with the first heiress in bondage!

Communication was impossible at first between Janira and Chrissy because they lay face-down on a bed, bound, gagged and blindfolded; their legs hitched to the headboard, the dazed girls twisted and whimpered! The intent of their bondage was clearly intimidation, but when their blindfolds were removed and the crucial question of the third heir once again put to them, both continued to deny any knowledge of the subject. The conspirators' response to Janira and Chrissy's resistance was to bare their breasts and place them against the headboard with their legs still tethered; panic-stricken, they rolled around on the bed but failed to defeat the ropework securing them!

The evildoers determined to take $10 million for themselves were frustrated by Chrissy and Janira's unwillingness to reveal the third heir's identity so they stripped the innocent heiresses and stood them side-by-side in bondage supported by a hanging chain! After stuffing their mouths with cloth, the dark figure gagged Janira and Chrissy with duct tape, then impatiently watched their futile struggling; a pair of crotch-ropes confirmed the seriousness of their plight! When their gags were removed, the bewildered girls were interrogated once more with the same lack of success.

To emphasize their submission, Chrissy and Janira had been brought to their knees on a mattress, still tightly-restrained and hitched to the chain. Panic- stricken, they twisted back and forth against the rope webs entangling them until they were released from the chain and placed on their stomachs. After their legs were raised so that their hands and feet could be linked, Janira and Chrissy arched in hogtied despair, eyes wide above the duct tape covering their mouths! The $10 million was meaningless but their was only too real -- who would comes to the rescue of these heiresses?

ID #: HH-128