Holly Manning: Bare Feet In Tasty Trouble - DVD
47 Minutes, Two Models

Kristen Scott's obsession with her teacher Holly Manning's bare feet led to bondage and toe-sucking!

Holly was puzzled when her student Kristen showed up at her home, but confusion turned to alarm after the surprisingly-strong young woman overpowered her! Neatly-roped up in her top and jeans, tape-gagged Holly squirmed in disbelief on a lounge while Kristen knelt and casually licked her soles and mouthed her toes!

If Holly thought that Kristen had fully satisfied her bizarre desires, she was sadly mistaken. Convinced by the intimidating Kristen to change into a white blouse and short blue skirt, Holly was then gagged with duct-tape, bound once again and seated on a couch. The crazed student lay flat on the floor beneath her teacher's feet and applied her tongue to Holly's foot-bottoms; Kristen varied her approach by wedging a piece of candy between Holly's toes so she could taste chocolate and foot-flesh simultaneously!

Holly's incredulity increased after Kristen stripped naked for her next round of oral tribute. Clothed in a pink top and tight black pants, the dazed woman stood tied to a railing with her right leg raised off the floor by a rope-tether so that Kristen could devote all her attention to the available naked foot as she knelt on nearby stairs! Alternating between wrapping her lips around Holly's toes and using them to caress her breasts, Kristen continued to live her blissful fantasy!

Her skin still as bare as her teacher's feet, Kristen climaxed her delirious domination of the hapless woman by licking and sucking those superb toes and soles while Holly lay hogtied on the couch! First kneeling behind her toe-tied tootsies, then straddling the apprehensive Holly, the petite nude revelled in the achievement of her incredible dream!

Kristen would have been wise to slip away while Holly was still snared in rope; instead, exhausted by her exertions, she fell a. So when the indignant teacher freed herself, she vowed to discipline her predatory pupil; clothed again, it was Kristen who became the tied and tape-gagged target for Holly's vigorous application of a rigid ruler to her blue-jeaned bottom!

ID #: HH-129