Ropework Discipline For Bad Boy Embezzler - DVD
42 Minutes, One Model

Hard-working and good-looking, Cameron Foster was the office star -- unfortunately, he was also an embezzler! When his enraged boss confronted Cameron regarding the theft, he pleaded innocence at first but soon caved; threatened with prison, the deflated hunk begged for special treatment. And that's just what he got from a boss whose idea of discipline was unorthodox, to say the least -- roped to a chair next to his desk and gagged with duct tape, Cameron writhed nervously, especially after the ominous older man produced a wooden baseball bat and began to wave it around uncomfortably close to his rope-restrained limbs!

Prison wasn't looking so bad to Cameron as the boss's bizarre alternative to the graybar hotel gathered momentum. Still wearing his slacks and shoes but deprived of his shirt, Cameron sat on the floor, his impressively muscular torso mastered by rope! Tape-gagged and intimidated, the remorseful thief wriggled on his side under the boss's menacing wooden instrument!

Once his pants disappeared, Cameron knew he was in deep trouble indeed. Trussed-up in bright-red briefs and gagged with a black cleave, the once-cocky young exec lay powerless on a couch and squirmed in disbelief as the disturbing disciplinarian relived his sporting youth by chucking tennis balls at his bound blonde target!

Cameron's humiliation-meter blew its top after his brief-clad body was transferred to a low platform where he lay tied on his stomach and gagged with duct-tape. His legs were stretched out and tethered in place to the platform's leg, a restraint that left Cameron's butt vulnerable to a series of swats from a metal ruler wielded by a man whose desire to punish the embezzler's wrong- doing had reached its manic phase! Once his arm was tired from spanking the bad boy, the righteously-indignant boss left Cameron hogtied while he prepared a final surprise.

Cameron was liberated from the hogtie and allowed to exchange his red briefs for blue boxers, but he remained a man oppressed by rope! Standing supported by a rope-and-chain combination, tape-gagged Cameron twisted apprehensively when his nemesis approached and attached an accurate but insulting sign to his chest, then recorded the once-promising protege's degradation with his phone. Cameron avoided a felony conviction but not the public revelation of a misdeed that would render him practically unemployable!

ID #: MIB-111