Dangerous Diva's Revenge Rebound - DVD
47 Minutes, Two Models

Dangerous Diva has rarely been cornered, but for once a formidable antagonist has got the better of the sleek cat burglar! And it's not sufficient for the sneering egotist to gag and bind the Diva as a sign of his superiority -- no, he emphasizes his triumph by leaving her hogtied and arching on the floor! When she finally manages to free herself, the Dangerous One swears that, no matter how long it takes, she will have her revenge on Jasper North!

The revenge our anti-heroine carries out is an especially satisfying one because it's perpetrated on the alluring person of Jasper's girlfriend, Tali Dova. A tall and slender brunette, sweet Tali's no match for the powerful Diva, who clearly takes pleasure in binding the barefoot girl and gagging her with duct-tape! Folded on her hip against the headboard of her bed, Tali's the definition of innocence in as she squirms in her little blue dress, powerless to prevent the alarming intruder from caressing her bound body!

The Diva's just getting started, of course, because she plans to arrange Tali much more provocatively before contacting Jasper with the bad news that his lovely lady is in her clutches! Tali's dress is gone and she's clad only in her iridescent bra and panties when the Crime Queen places her blindfolded and cleave-gagged prey against the wooden post to which she'll be pinned! After relieving Tali of her bra, the black- gloved evildoer fondles her breasts and teases her nipples; once Tali's blindfold is removed and she's more securely roped to the post, The Diva slides down her panties! Her apprehensive pawn fully nude, the hard-working burglar doubles Tali's gag with duct-tape before recording her plight with a phone, then indulging in selfies -- all images intended for Jasper's anguished viewing!

Revenge attains its peak for Dangerous Diva when Jasper agrees to transmit a handsome sum in exchange for Tali's safe return. While she awaits the reward for her wickedness, the Masked Malefactor amuses herself with the unfortunate girlfriend, who sits naked, bound and tape-gagged on an old mattress! Rolling trussed-up Tali onto her side, the Diva enjoys more breast-play but also swats the whimpering girl on her beckoning bottom! Once the ill-gotten gain arrives, Tali expects to be released; instead she's re-positioned on her knees, her rope-oppressed body supported by an overhead chain, while the Diva treats her to a hands-on farewell!

What's going on here? Is Dangerous Diva in bondage again? Apparently Tali and Jasper got the last laugh; the Diva's future appears questionable, but she's triumphed over long odds before!

ID #: DD-29