My Prisoner in Bondage: Sara Liz - DVD
46 Minutes, One Model

Sara Liz wasn't happy about firing one of her employees but, as a responsible businesswoman, she couldn't allow malingering on the job. When the man she'd terminated showed up at her apartment, Sara was surprised but not worried -- until he grabbed her, taped her mouth and tied her hands behind her back! Once the pretty blonde exec lay bound and gagged on her couch, the vengeful loser pawed her clothed body and pulled the sandals off her bare feet so he could suck her toes! Then the curious perv rolled up Sara's dress and slid down her panties to expose an impressively bushy snatch!

No more clothing for the stunned Sara, who stood backed into a corner, her lithe naked body overpowered by rope! The underling she'd recently kicked to the curb hovered over her and gleefully exerted his leering control by fondling her bound breasts and squeezing those irresistible nipples! A knotted white cleave-gag stifled Sara's indignant response to the insolent behavior culminating in a fingertip excursion to her bush! Sara was relieved when he finally walked away from her, but his bondage still assured that she'd be a powerless woman in her own home.

After temporarily untying Sara, the crazed intruder permitted her to pull on a long-sleeved red dress, then roped his apprehensive ex-boss into her office chair. The slender bare feet that he'd raised high and tethered to her desk soon glistened with moisture as he ravenously sucked Sara's toes; after raising her dress, his groping fingers once again found their way to her tempting breasts! His shameful desires momentarily satisfied, Sara's tormentor happily watched as she writhed with noisy futility in the chair.

Lying tape-gagged, trussed and nude on her bed, Sara rolled about in frustration as the ropework confining her refused to loosen despite the intensity of her struggling. She knew that she'd have only a few moments to free herself before the monster reappeared, yet her expenditure of energy was all in vain! When he sauntered into the bedroom, she was repulsed by his lustful demeanor but resigned to the ravenous mouthing of her feet and crude caressing of her breasts that ensued!

Sara could never have imagined that by firing an underperforming employee, she'd trigger an emotional explosion that would result in her humiliation by his hands and mouth! Purged of his bitterness, he was happy to move on -- but only after ensuring that his naked plaything would remain securely bound and gagged for several more hours while he made himself scarce! So, her voice muffled by duct tape and her limbs hobbled by knotted coils, Sara twisted awkwardly on the floor of her apartment; desperate to escape her restraints, she edged slowly along the hardwood floor until she sat against her front door -- how long would she have to squirm before she could alert a rescuer?

ID #: PB-7