Couples Captured In Rope And Tape - DVD
49 Minutes, Ten Models

Enjoying the sight of her lover all tied up, Carissa Montgomery's perfect bondage world is shattered as her uptight husband comes home early from work and takes revenge for his wife's cheating ways by tying her next to her lover (Axel Aces) and watching them squirm on the floor in rope and tape gags. Before heading upstairs to go to bed Carissa's husband hogties the two of them so the two of them can struggle together as lovers should.

Alix Lynx sits naked, bound and gagged on her bed to guarantee husband Max Evergreen's good behavior as he guides burglars to the family valuables. Once they get their loot, the thieves place a bondaged but fully- clothed Max next to Alix on the bed, where the naked beauty rolls onto her knees, then her stomach as the couple attempts to escape their restraint!

Tape is the tool of the trade for the burglars who invade the home of Cassidy Klein and Lucas Frost. With their mouths shut tight with tape gags and their bodies tape bound Cassidy and Lucas struggle together to find a way out of their confining predicament.

Naked and bound on a platform bed, scared Madi Meadows wishes she wasn't alone. Soon her wish is granted when she shares the small bed with tied up Chris Rainer! The couple is tied prone on their stomachs before their captors connect the wrists and ankles for a nice tight hogtie for Madi and Chris.

Oh to be young and in love! So smitten with one another, lovebirds Layla Sin and Jay Smooth came through the door happy as can be and never even noticed they weren't alone! A suprirsed guest was waiting for them and when he finally gets their attention, he orders Layla and Jay to strip every piece of clothing from their bodies and replaces them with tightly tied rope! Never had Layla and Jay thought they would be in such a predicament, but here they were stripped of all clothing and tied up on the living room floor! With their movements restricted, the naked couple can only roll around and Layla tries to use her toes on Jay's ropework!

ID #: CC-49
Price: $30.00