Six-Feet Tall And All Tied Up - DVD
45 Minutes, One Model

Blonde, pretty and blessed with legs that never seemed to end, Lena Anderson was well-qualified to walk the runways that might lead her to supermodel status. Lena was striking in her short black dress and red strappy sandals that raised her height to just an inch short of six-and-a-half feet tall, but her towering presence was shockingly reduced by bondage when the crazed boyfriend of a rival model interrupted her schedule! Lena was stunned to learn that she'd be held incommunicado while her rival took over an important assignment; wrists bound behind her, Lena was gagged with duct tape that also pinned her ankles and knees together! Placed on her bed, Lena strained indignantly against the oppressive restraints that were augmented by chest ropes and a tether to the bed's headboard.

What no one could have predicted was that the man who had bound and gagged Lena simply to promote his girlfriend's career became obsessed by the sight of this tall and slender beauty writhing in her dress and heels! How could he resist, then, watching her test ropework he might devise for her naked body? Seated bound and nude on the edge of the bed, the spirited girl twisted in frustration and mumbled angrily behind her white tape-gag, a performance the disturbed man appreciated, but when she edged carefully to the bottom of the bed and attempted to loosen her wrist ropes against the wooden frame, his response was swift and ruthless. Ordered to lie on her stomach, the intimidated Lena had her bare feet drawn close to her hands so that she would experience the daunting sensation of her body bowed in a hogtie!

His girlfriend's career was far from this strange man's mind as he transformed Lena into the ideal model of his own fantasies. Far from nudity, Lena became an enticing example of casual hotness when she was roped to an office chair in the colorful shirt and blue jeans that he'd discovered in her wardrobe! Subdued from head-to-toe, with white tape sealing her lips and string twisted around the big toes of her size-9 bare feet, Lena apprehensively rotated the chair and rolled it back and forth across the floor at the command of the wild-eyed intruder!

Lena's home office triggered the next inspiration of her nemesis -- why not have the fresh-faced young woman portray a secretary in ? So a light-blue blouse and dark-blue skirt supplanted the shirt and jeans, while lovely Lena sat bound and gagged with tan rope and a black cleave on top of her desk! Once more those long slender legs were impossible to ignore, whether Lena was dangling them over the edge of the desk or balancing her toes on its surface. But her legs were folded once more, this time by a waist-ankle tether, so that Lena was nearly immobilized on her hip while she murmured gag-muffled pleas for release from her bizarre plight!

But the director of Lena's ropework ordeal wasn't quite finished! Once again that long lithe body was entirely deprived of clothing, this time stretched out on a low platform. Her breasts framed with rope, Lena lay on her back, hands tethered above her head to one of the platform's legs while her ankles were similarly tied down at its other end! Tape-gagged and humiliated by her bare-skinned exposure, energetic Lena tugged on the ropes holding her in powerless restraint but remained the subject of the perverse man's admiration!

ID #: KD-97