Hot Girls Cool Costumes Tight Ropes - DVD
49 Minutes, Six Models

As they curled up apprehensively on a couch, Samantha Hayes and Lena Anderson listened nervously to the antics of the dubious acquaintances they'd allowed to move in with them -- and the evening was only going to get crazier! At first, they had Samantha kneel against the arm of the couch in her tiny blue nighty, her hands and feet bound and a black cleave tied between her lips; as Samantha trembled, Lena was ordered to fondle her breasts, tickle her bare soles and spank her bottom! Then the tall blonde joined her friend in bondage after she was trussed-up on the floor in her dark red nighty and gagged with duct tape; seated on the couch and more amply bound, Samantha also whimpered through a duct-tape gag! Before long, poor Samantha lay hogtied and Lena writhed on her hip in a waist-ankle tether while their false friends savored their plight!

Petite Natasha Ty looked so bright-eyed and happy as she sat on the edge of her bed in a dark-blue cheongsam but a larcenous intruder filled those eyes with anxiety by coiling white rope around the cheongsam and gagging her with a black cloth that covered her mouth! Twisting in the frustrating rope embrace, Natasha rolled around on the bed and kicked off her shoes but remained tightly bound. Even more rigorously controlled by a waist-ankle tether, Natasha later curled up barefoot on the floor in the corner of her bedroom!

Amarna Miller was the hit of the costume party as a sexy student clad in a white blouse, red sweater, plaid skirt and patent-leather low-heeled shoes. So charming Amarna wasn't surprised to receive some special attention -- until it turned sinister and the sweet little blonde sat bound and squirming on top of a wooden chest, her understandable protests silenced by a duct-tape gag! When the chest was opened and she was folded inside, Amarna finally understood the significance of her host's perfidious scheme so she murmured noisily as the lid was lowered!

Costumed in a tight white long-sleeved top, red-white and blue short skirt and white leggings, busty Ryan Ryans was one beautiful and patriotic heroine! Unfortunately for the courageous young lady, she was also impressively subdued by swathes of duct tape around her ankles, knees, arms and wrists; several more strips sealed the lips of the defiant crime-fighter! Ryan struggled energetically and kicked up her feet while seated in a large red chair, then strained in frustration after she was perched on top of a desk!

Who wouldn't be eager to enroll the adorable Phoebe Queen in their harem? Clad in a shimmering blue top with translucent sleeves, blue harem pants and little black flats, Phoebe sat bound on the edge of a platform with her feet barely touching the floor; the white rope that secured her small body was countered by a black cleave-gag that matched the hue of the hair flowing over her shoulders! After her shoes were removed, Phoebe curled up barefoot on the platform, but her encounter with a severe master didn't end until her breasts were bared, toes tied and she arched in hogtie well-suited to display her soft naked soles!

ID #: CB-88