Custom Bondage Three: Holly Vs. Aspen - They're Bound To Be Fit - DVD
28 Minutes, Two Models

When a hot wife confronts a muscular beauty, there's bound to be trouble!

Angry wife Holly Manning is convinced that fitness instructor Aspen Rae is giving her husband workouts that are way too personal! When Aspen attempts to laugh off her accusations, Holly gets the drop on the hot exercise girl and snares her toned body in tightly-knotted rope! Gagged with duct tape, Aspen writhes on a couch in her sports bra, short shorts and running shoes, but Holly's bondage successfully resists her strenuous contortions.

But Aspen's energetic efforts to loosen her bonds finally bear fruit, so when Holly returns from calling her husband, the apparently powerless personal trainer has a surprise in store for her! Aspen happily turns Holly's ropes against her and seats the trussed-up and tape-gagged housewife on the dining-room floor! Stunned by the turn of fortune, barefoot Holly twists and strains against the ropes coiled around her olive-green dress until Aspen constricts her movements with a waist- ankle tether!

It looks like Aspen's the winner of this strange contest until Holly's husband shows up. Believing that wife and trainer are playing some naughty bondage games, he ups the ante by tying Holly in her bra and panties, while bare-breasted Aspen squirms next to her in thong- panties alone! Enemies only an hour before, Holly and Aspen murmur sympathetically to each other through their tape-gags, and their emotional bonding only increases after they're hogtied and arch side- by- side on the carpeted floor!

ID #: AK-05