Holly Manning And The Case Of The Tied Up Twins - DVD
40 Minutes, Two Models

Holly Manning and Jenna Sativa meet Molly Manning!

Entertainment agent Molly Manning has great news for her sister Holly and Jenna Sativa: They've both won roles in a new action-movie! But there's a catch: The film script contains several scenes in which these heroines will appear in bondage. So Molly urges Holly and Jenna to practice their struggling skills by allowing her to bind and gag them! Eager to perform well in their juicy roles, the starlets agree to Molly's suggestion and Jenna's soon squirming as she sits with her back against a desk. Playing a trussed and gagged secretary, the petite brunette performs impressively alone in her jacket, skirt and heels until Holly, roped up in a sleeveless blouse and tight burgundy skirt, joins her in action. Then both cleave- gagged ladies writhe so energetically that they kick free of their shoes and Jenna sprawls on her side!

For their second trial run in the world of damsels in , Holly and Jenna are costumed in a racier fashion and they emote in a steamier location! Tied facedown on a bed, Jenna's tethered to the footboard in her red nighty while Holly, dressed in dark blue nightwear, also wriggles on her stomach and kicks up her bare feet against a headboard rope-link. The admirably plucky pair manage to loosen the tethers so that they can edge back-to-back and try to communicate through their tape-gags, but any hopes of escape are nipped in the bud when the flopping tethers become strict and efficient connections between their wrists and ankles. Yes, Molly doesn't spare either Jenna or sis Holly the hogtie experience!

It looks like the script has some serious jeopardy planned for Jenna, so to give her a taste of action- movie techniques, she's standing naked, crotch-roped and ball-gagged in front of a green-screen, her hands hooked above her head to a hanging chain! Jenna gives an Oscar-worthy performance (if Oscars were awarded for nude-bondage histrionics), then whimpers hopefully when cop-costumed Holly arrives in full-rescue mode. But, of course, when the dust clears, Holly's standing in ropes next to Jenna; hands bound behind them and supported by overhead rope-links, both are now gagged with duct-tape! After Holly kicks off her shoes, she and Jenna balance on bare feet as they twist side-by-side in an awkward bondage dance!

Although by any objective standards, Jenna's given compelling performances, Molly's been surprisingly critical of her efforts. Finally fed up, Jenna challenges Molly to accept ropes and gag herself, then demonstrate just how a bound and gagged heroine is supposed to make the scene come alive. When Molly accepts the challenge, she's roped to a chair and gagged with a knotted white cleave; battling her bonds with impressive vigor, the sexy agent convincingly demonstrates her acting chops. But the insulted Jenna departs to look for a new agent, leaving Molly in a bind -- however, she at least has a familiar figure with whom to share her restraint!

ID #: HH-136