Tied Up Girls Can't Cause Trouble - DVD
51 Minutes, Six Models

Disguised as a cheerleader, Ryan Ryans snuck away from the costume party to make her debut as a spy. Ryan was able to crack the safe and remove the documents she was seeking but then her operation fell apart; held tied and tape-gagged on a bed in her red, white and blue uniform, socks and sneakers, Ryan listened anxiously as the man holding her negotiated an exchange with her handler! Before she was released, the cynical operative amused himself by baring Ryan's impressive breasts, then tethering the barefoot girl on her hip.

The vertical contrast between tiny Kristen Scott and towering Lena Anderson was starkly exposed and so were their naked bodies when they were bound standing side-by-side! Tape- gagged and supported by rope and chain links, Kristen and Lena balanced barefoot as they cautiously attempted to extricate themselves from the unforgiving ropework!

It was bad enough that the nasty lady took pretty Ella Nova's clothes after making her strip, then tied her naked to a chair and ball-gagged her! But then the heartless woman laughed as Ella drooled uncontrollably and completed her ordeal by spreading her legs wide to expose Ella's pussy!

Sami Parker was outraged at the twist of fate that left her seated on a green carpet, trussed up naked and gagged with microfoam tape! Twisting awkwardly because her ankles were tied across each other, the exotic nude gasped in frustration at a plight that became many times more restrictive after she was rolled onto her stomach and hogtied! Sami arched defiantly and her eyes blazed above the duct-tape augmenting her gag, but she was trapped!

Chanel Preston was a perfect choice for the role of a seductive chambermaid, but the casting director required a special audition for the scene where Chanel was bound and gagged! The busty brunette should have seen the scam coming because her audition went on and on as tape-gagged Chanel twisted on the edge of a lounge -- before long her breasts were exposed, then she was tethered facedown on the lounge and left to wriggle indignantly!

ID #: FB-472