It Takes Two! - DVD
47 Minutes, Two Models

Allie Knox is a vision of glowing blonde beauty but because her husband's bored by their marital relationship, Allie's looking for solutions. Bondage seems like a promising approach, so Allie has a friend tie her up, then waits to surprise her man when he returns home. Tautly roped in her short black dress and gagged with duct tape, Allie makes an enticing heroine for her husband to rescue as she sits writhing on a brown leather recliner! After slipping out of her peep-toe pumps, Allie points her bare toes on the floor, then sits back in the recliner to show off her soles but, incredibly, her mate's still unmoved!

Saddened by the failure of her first attempt at heating up her marriage, Allie confides in close friend and neighbor Holly Manning. When Allie hints that perhaps the sight off another woman in bondage would make her guy more receptive to her own struggles, Holly volunteers to be tied up herself! Sitting bound and cleave-gagged in an armchair, psychologist Holly's sexily respectable in her black sleeveless blouse, purple skirt and strappy heels as she twists and murmurs demurely. After her shoes disappear, Holly curls up barefoot on the chair and radiates a more seductive vibe, but Allie's husband still manages to resist her charms!

Perhaps Allie's husband has an agenda of his own because he suggests that the sight of both women in bondage might rev up his motor. Dutiful wife and curious psychologist submit to his desires and soon sit next to each other in bondage on a couch; Holly's casually professional in a blue top, white slacks and sandals, while Allie's luscious in skimpy black lingerie and bare feet! An exciting drama ensues after Holly squirms on to the floor, and when Allie joins her, they strain against their ropework back-to-back -- and at last, the hard-to-excite husband is showing signs of arousal!

Allie enjoys spending time in her kitchen, but not usually naked, bound and tape-gagged! Her once stolid husband responds enthusiastically to the sight of his beautiful wife squirming on the floor next to Holly, whose black blouse and gleaming leather pants create an intriguing contrast to her friend's nudity. As Allie and Holly struggle in the tight space between cabinets and appliances, their toe-tied bare feet reach out to each other and make contact with awkward allure.

Now totally stoked by this exhibition arranged for his benefit, Allie's husband loves what he sees and who can blame him: Her voluptuous bound body clothed in a tight white top and blue shorts, Holly sits in a wooden chair next to Allie, whose nude curves are also tautly embraced by rope! Both cleave-gagged performers obey his orders to stand and balance carefully on their bare feet, but the final position he chooses for them is one they probably didn't expect. Hogtied side-by-side on the dining-table, Allie and Holly arch with undiminished energy while a grateful husband appreciates the sacrifices made by two women who may appreciate their restraint more than they're willing to admit!

ID #: HH-139