Hot Bosses Bound And Humiliated - DVD
55 Minutes, Two Models

After calling her assistant manager Howard to a meeting, Chanel Preston got right to the point: She was promoting her protege Shavelle Love over his head to a newly-created position ! When Howard responded negatively, Chanel summarily terminated him, then laughed along with Shavelle when he threatened to avenge his humiliation at their hands! After all, they knew that Howard was a wimp who would never follow through on his threats -- at least that's what Chanel believed, but the busty exec undoubtedly felt differently as she sat trussed and taped-gagged in a chair several hours later! Seething with anger, Howard had burst into her home and, once she was powerless, stuffed cloth into her mouth and sealed her lips with duct-tape. Later, after Chanel's ample breasts were bared and her legs spread wide to expose her panties, her ex-employee reveled in his ex-boss's embarrassment as he coolly photographed her struggles!

Howard hadn't forgotten about Shavelle either. He surprised Chanel's protege -- translation, hot little girlfriend! -- while she relaxed on her bed in a tight top and tighter jeans. Within moments, Shavelle sat securely roped against the bed's headboard and the mouth that had earlier opened wide with laughter at Howard was stuffed with cloth and covered with duct-tape! Of course, the avenger couldn't resist opening Shavelle's top to reveal her thrusting breasts, then savoring the sight of the barefoot little brunette twisting anxiously under his gaze. But when her movements hinted at an escape attempt, ruthless Howard abruptly intervened and wide-eyed Shavelle soon arched desperately in a cross-ankled hogtie!

Revenge wouldn't be complete without allowing his former bosses to spend some quality time together, so once they were stripped to their panties masterful Howard arranged for Shavelle to kneel on the floor, bound hand and foot, while Chanel sat on a couch and thrust her toes into the unhappy girl's mouth! Chanel had resisted at first but Howard convinced her that she had no choice, so her bare feet roamed over Shavelle's face and breasts, while her soles grew damp from her protege's tongue! Shavelle's ordeal didn't end once she was raised from her knees; instead she was ball-gagged and stood tethered to a metal-railing while Chanel was commanded to fondle and lick her breasts!

Of course, Chanel wasn't about to escape without tasting Shavelle's slender bare feet, so the once-confident executive found herself bound and kneeling in order to mouth her reluctant girlfriend's toes and lick her soles! Howard made a special point of directing Shavelle to jam her whole foot between Chanel's quivering lips, resulting in an image of her subjugation that led him to loudly taunt the woman who'd tried to discard him! Then, after Chanel was bound facedown and tethered to the lounge where Shavelle had been sitting, her toe-tied naked soles were tickled and her beckoning bottom was spanked while she gasped behind her duct-tape gag!

Exhilarated by his domination of the women who'd so light-heartedly disrespected him, Howard prepared a conclusion that left Chanel and Shavelle standing naked and bound side- by-side. Supported by rope-links overhead, gagged with knotted cleaves and burdened with crotch-ropes, the dazed pair balanced carefully on bare feet and rotated back-to-back to pluck at each other's wrist bonds. But Howard had expected the maneuver and responded with a final expression of his contempt -- their cloth gags replaced by duct-tape, Shavelle and Chanel knelt precariously on wooden chairs and timidly pressed their breasts together at his direction, then followed with gag kisses that elicited Howard's sarcastic approval! As he edged out the door, his bound and gagged subjects whimpered for release but that wasn't part of the plan -- after all, Chanel and Shavelle had made it clear just a few hours earlier that they didn't really need him!

ID #: HH-140