Successful Women Fail to Escape - DVD
Five Models, 60 Minutes

Standing bound and blindfolded, Ryan Ryans was questioned but gave no answers, so the beautiful secretary was stretched out and tied down on a massage table for a more intensive interrogation! After Ryan still refused to co-operate, she was tape-gagged and her blouse pulled open to expose her impressive breasts. Verbal intimidation ensued, but it was only after her high heels were removed and her stockinged soles mercilessly tickled that Ryan finally surrendered her secrets!

When Phoebe Queen discovered that her computer research was being used by a con man, she took her laptop and ran. Phoebe hid successfully for months but he managed to track her down; that's when the petite brunette found herself roped to a chair and gagged with a black cleave while the fraudster retrieved the data he was after. Before leaving, he placed Phoebe in a more precarious and humiliating position -- kneeling on the chair, Phoebe's disheveled blouse revealed bared breasts and her small stockinged feet arched as she struggled to maintain her balance!

Sami Parker had compiled incriminating information on an embezzler victimizing her company but before she could bring it to her superiors, one of the thieve's henchman paid a visit. Seated on her bed in blouse, skirt and heels, Sami strained against the ropes binding her small body and whimpered behind the duct tape sealing her lips! Sami's restraint was escalated after a second operative warned her against causing any more trouble for her powerful adversary; tethered on her hip in stockinged feet, the bare-breasted girl writhed in wide-eyed apprehension!

The last person Holly Manning expected to see was her erratic former business partner. But then the woman suddenly confronted her as Holly worked in her home office, ranting that her ex-partner was profiting from her stolen ideas! Within moments, the stunned Holly was squirming on the floor in her jacket, skirt and flats, her curvaceous body subdued with rope and her voice stifled by a knotted black cloth! Before leaving with the ideas she'd reclaimed from her former friend's computer, the vengeful woman hitched Holly facedown on a futon, where she twisted barefoot and indignant!

Sprawled in front of her Christmas tree, vivacious secretary Vanessa Veracruz phoned housemate Kara Faux and urged her to hurry home for their party. But before Kara could return, a crooked couple intruded in search of a package that accidentally found its way under Vanessa's tree. While the pair searched for their package full of cash, the luscious Latina sat tied and tape-gagged; Kara received the same treatment when she discovered her friend in bondage! When the thieves found what they came for, they headed out the door and left Kara and Vanessa writhing on the floor in stockinged feet, their arms and legs bound and bare breasts framed with rope!

ID #: SB-155