We're In It Together, Honey! Bondage That Is! - DVD
Ten Models, 43 Minutes

Gorgeous Holly Manning is trussed to her stairway railing and tape-gagged by burglar Gerard, who boasts of his success when his female partner arrives to aid him in finishing off the job. But the treacherous lady decides she want to keep 100% of the loot, so she leaves the shocked Gerard in bondage next to Holly.

Luke Jayden and Samantha Ryan were the hot couple in the upper crust society. They were young, attractive, and very wealthy. The couple were getting ready to go to an uptown museum where Luke was going to donate his prized large diamond collection. Before they could leave the house, however, a duo of illdoers broke in and tied them up! Samantha could feel the ropes digging into her wrists and ankles as she struggled on the chair to get out. She tried reaching out for Luke's ropes to untie his, but she just couldn't get a hold of it. The knots were too tight!!

An empty office safe and an unfortunate couple tied to chairs; it's pretty obvious what's going on here. But why is Celeste Star naked while Robby's fully clothed? The answer's actually simple: They were surprised by a formidable female thief who came for the cash but stayed to deprive Celeste of her blouse, skirt, bra, panties and heels! Despite her nudity, spunky Celeste works hard with Robby Echo to escape their bondage, first trying to communicate with her man despite their microfoam gags, then rolling onto the floor so she can tug on his ropes.

Dressed for a costume party, Cassidy Klein gets a shock when an intruder adds rope to her outfit. Just out of the shower, Lucas Frost gets a shock of his own when he finds his lady then gets tied up right next to her!

Alix Lynx and Max Evergreen sit next to each other on a mattress and talk nervously about their situation; both are tied hand and foot. Then an ominous voice informs them that they're suspected of stealing a thumb drive containing secret data. Ordered to strip, the captors find the drive taped to Alix's naked flesh and both captives are left thoroughly bound and tape- gagged on the mattress, where they struggle in desperation!

ID #: CC-50