Chad And Max's Bondage Humiliation - DVD
Four Models, 53 Minutes

Chad White and Max Evergreen learn first hand what can happen when an angry woman takes charge.

Gigi Allens criticizes Chad for being a lousy husband. He doesn't earn enough, doesn't help out at home, Chad was all around a wimpy, pathetic weakling and Gigi needed to toughen him up! Her solution is to spank him, first over his slacks, then with pants down!

After the humiliating spanking, mean girl Gigi Allens catches Chad whining to his mother on the phone about his sore bottom! Having proved her point, Gigi takes extreme action to toughen her man up! Gigi has Chad stripped down to his shorts, strung up to a chain and spreader bar, then she gladly swats his sore ass with a paddle!

Gigi Allens teases bound and gagged Chad with her bare naked body, but Chad is unable to touch her beautiful body since the devilish blonde had tied his hands behind his back! The way the mynx danced around him drove Chad wild, but things were moving in the wrong direction as she slowly dresses herself in a red hot number for a night out with the ladies!

Really upset with hubby Max, vengeful wife Kylie Sinner makes a calls to The Hoodie Villain aka THV! THV specializes in pay back and Kylie has him break in to tie Max up, but she should have known you shouldn't play with fire if you can't stand the heat!! Thinking his wife was in danger after she gets grabbed by THV, Max fights hard to get out of his ties. But humiliation follows as Max has to watch and listen in bondage as THV gets it on with naked naughty Kylie Sinner!

The fun and games end and ruthles THV (The Hooded Villian) tapes and gags Kylie Sinner so he can worship her feet while Max remains powerlessly bound on the floor!

Max is tied down over a chair, THV orders Kylie Sinner to spank him with a paddle and tease him with her naked body!

ID #: MIB-115