Ivy And Nina Meet Ropes And Gags - DVD
Four Models, 46 Minutes

After a brief workout, Ivy Jones and Nina North took their exercising to the bedroom! Still dressed in colorful thong leotards, Nina had Ivy attached to the bed's headboard with padded cuffs when an unwelcome visitor drastically changed the nature of their kinky play. Once Ivy knelt tightly bound and ball-gagged, he ordered Nina to fondle the delicate little blonde; soon Ivy was squirming on her stomach as her reluctant girlfriend swatted her bottom, tickled her sensitive bare soles and sucked on her toes!

Their sinister guest obviously enjoyed watching Nina play with Ivy, so why not reverse their roles? After the hot little brunette was trussed up and mouthing the ball- gag that had muffled her friend's pleas for mercy, she was seated against the headboard. Then Ivy was directed to straddle her, a convenient position for the caressing and kissing of the bound girl that followed! Of course, Nina's soft bare feet couldn't escape the tickling inflicted by Ivy's hesitant but efficient fingers or a spanking that caused her eyes to grow even wider than they'd been earlier during her humiliating predicament!

It was time for the creative creep to hit the road, but there was no chance that he'd allow Nina and Ivy to escape his personal ropework challenge! So after they were deprived of their leotards, the dazed girlfriends lay tape-gagged and bound side-by-side on their stomachs, their crossed ankles tethered to the headboard. Their restraint would have satisfied an ordinary villain, but this extraordinary evildoer wasn't happy until he'd used the tethers to hogtie his unhappy hostesses! As Ivy and Nina arched their naked bodies and gazed angrily up at him, the shameless man walked away with a smile on his face.

Indica James always enjoyed presenting herself in an unconventional manner, so the black embroidered corset and shining red short shorts were hardly surprising. It was her sparkling high-heeled black boots that Indica was most proud of, however, so as she stood tape-gagged, tightly bound and tethered to a bed, it was the ropes roughly tied around the boots that concerned her most -- what if they were damaged? As it turned out, however, the boots had apparently caught the eye of the mysterious character responsible for her bondage because they were removed and Indica was left bare-breasted, barefoot and folded on her hip against the bed!

Confronting an intruder would have been harrowing enough for exotic beauty Alexis Ferreira under any circumstances, but because she'd just stepped out of the shower in her towel, Alexis was especially alarmed. And with good reason, as she soon sat against her bed's headboard, hands and feet bound, rope coiled around her towel-clad torso and duct tape sealing her lips! As the fiery brunette battled her bondage, she twisted and strained until the towel loosened and revealed her breasts; even after she rolled onto her stomach and kicked up her bare feet, Alexis remained restrained and powerless!

ID #: FB-478