Hot Girls Share Bondage - DVD
Four Models, 49 Minutes

Harley Jameson was always the excitable one, while Melody Wylde was the mellow voice of common sense. So when Harley interrupted Melody's reading and relaxation with the breathless news that a fugitive couple was on the loose in their neighborhood, the little brunette told her wide-eyed friend to chill. Moments later, however, both girls were chilled by the sound of their back door cracking, followed by the jovial but menacing voices of the intruders informing their hostesses that they'd be staying for awhile. At first, Harley was bound hand and foot, gagged with a bandanna and seated on chair while Melody waited on the predatory pair. Then the innocent housemates strained side-by-side in bondage; the hours that followed were a blur of pulse-pounding apprehension during which their breasts and feet were bared!

When the fugitives indicated they were leaving, Melody and Harley believed the worst was over but then the hard-eyed woman decided she needed a less conspicuous outfit to wear. Chosen to donate their clothing, the housemates were untied and ordered to strip, then trussed naked on the floor and gagged with duct-tape! When they wriggled close to each other and attempted to free themselves, Harley and Melody were raised to their feet and tethered standing several feet apart to the stair-railing!

When sizzling gypsy girl Alexis Ferreira angered a client with a negative card-reading, she was tied in her chair and gagged with a bandanna! Humiliation followed for Alexis after her blouse was opened to expose her breasts, while her high heels were removed and her bare feet tied separately to the chair-legs. Furious at her treatment, the exotic beauty struggled desperately and mumbled vengeful phrases through her gag!

Ella Nova was an appealingly packaged heroine as she sat roped to a chair in her shiny blue bra and panties! Squirming passionately, Ella mouthed a white cleave gag and pressed her red-nailed bare toes against the floor during her battle against restraint. She failed, However, to escape the clutches of the creative oppressor who added tape to her gag, bared her breasts and raised her bare feet off the floor with a rope linked to a hanging chain!

After being ordered out of their clothing, Alexis Ferreira and Ella Nova were trussed up naked on a mattress, where they sat writhing side-by-side! The bound nudes tried to console each other but the gleaming red ball-gag between Ella's lips and the blue counterpart worn by Alexis stifled their voices. When their co-operative resistance against their plight became too troublesome, Alexis and Ella were more seriously immobilized on their sides by wrist-ankle tethers!

ID #: FB-479