Bondage Hazards Of The Ostentatious - DVD
Two Models, 44 Minutes

Sexy Brit celeb Stella Cox couldn't resist informing the world about her new jewelry acquisitions, with the inevitable consequence that she received a late- night visit! Voluptuous nude Stella was gagged with duct-tape before her wrists and ankles were zip-tied; while the thief rooted out her valuables she rolled about nervously on her bed. When he decided to stick around because there was more loot to be had, the plastic ties were multiplied until Stella wore them around her knees and above and below her breasts!

Blair Williams had the misfortune to drop by Stella's home when the unwelcome visitor was still in charge, so she joined her friend in bondage. The burglar surprisingly allowed Stella to clothe herself, then both she and Blair sat side-by-side on a couch, their tight mini-dresses highlighted by even tighter coils of rope framing their breasts! Tape- gagged and tethered to the couch-legs, Blair and Stella murmured anxiously and twisted in bound futility while the intruder searched for more glittering rewards. During a mean- spirited break from his greed-fueled efforts, he bared the breasts of his bound and gagged prey!

Obsessed with the belief that Blair and Stella were holding out on him, the unbalanced burglar dispensed with their clothing and stood them naked and bound against a wall! The apprehensive friends mouthed cleave-gags and strained cautiously while balancing on their strappy heeled sandals. Stella and Blair were relieved when they later stood barefoot, but the trade-off of their shoes for crotch-ropes dismayed the two innocent women who wondered if the crazed man would ever free them!

They had even more reason to wonder after they were relocated on the floor, where they twisted awkwardly next to a couch. As Stella writhed, she curled onto her hip, while Blair contorted even more energetically until she lay on her stomach. That was a position that would become unpleasantly familiar to both Blair and Stella in the moments that followed, when they struggled in cross-ankled hogties and whimpered behind duct-tape over med-wrap gags!

The jewelry-crazed intruder refused to surrender his conviction that Stella was hiding a cache of diamonds from him, so he decided to take her to another likely location while Blair remained at her place as insurance! The buxom beauty who'd expected to spend a few pleasant hours with her friend instead twisted in rope as she sat trussed naked to a chair and gagged with a knotted cloth!

ID #: HH-147