So Many Paths To Bondage - DVD
Six Models, 51 Minutes

Stella Cox seems like such a sweet person, but when her chances of winning a beauty contest are threatened by tall blonde Angelina Bonnet, Stella takes the drastic step of holding her in bondage! Alluring in her colorful top, short skirt and peep-toe heels, the tied and tape-gagged Angelina twists indignantly against the tether pinning her to a wooden chair. But Stella doesn't enjoy her triumph for long; when a third competitor surprises her, the bewildered Brit receives rope and duct-tape treatment that leaves her on the floor and hitched to the chair in which Angelina's still struggling!

Stripped to bra and panties, gagged with duct-tape, her wrists handcuffed behind her back and her ankles tied, Kenna James is a very nervous pawn in a shady game! Kenna sits on a couch under the lustful control of hot little gang-moll Misty Lovelace, who's satisfied at first to take selfies next to the wide-eyed struggler. But before long, naughty Misty's pulled down Kenna's bra so she can play with her breasts, then she pushes the gasping girl onto her stomach; Misty's perfectly positioned to tickle Kenna's bare soles, spank her bottom, and even indulge in some friendly pussy massage! When an unexpected visitor turns the situation upside down, however, Misty loses her dress and heels and soon lies naked, handcuffed and tape-gagged at Kenna's mercy. Kenna pays Misty back with tickling and spanking, then splits after the hogtied little nude is throughly humiliated!

Megan Sage's barmaid gig takes an unexpected and harrowing turn that pins the dark- haired charmer to a large red chair with rope and muffles her voice with tape! Securely bound, Megan's powerless to prevent her gleaming black pumps from being removed and the top of her dirndl from being strategically rearranged. Just in case the barefoot and bare-breasted barmaid thinks that her bondage can't get any more restrictive, Megan's legs are folded up on the chair and tethered in place!

Ashley Lane's dressed for warm weather in a short white dress and flat sandals, but the tan rope coiled around her slender body and the white tape sealing her lips causes Ashley to shiver in restraint! Ashley's compelling eyes communicate her anxiety as she writhes on a bed, then tries to slip off it so she can hop away. But innocent Ashley's out of luck and once she's barefoot and hogtied, all she can do is hope that someone will come to her rescue!

A very different vibe arises during this disturbing encounter between Stella and Angelina. Naked and tied down on a massage table with her hands tethered above her head, Stella can barely move as unhinged physical therapist Angelina fondles her body from head to toe, then leaps on the table to straddle her patient! The wide-eyed subject of this bizarre treatment murmurs in disbelief through her tape-gag while Angelina tweaks her nipples and mouths her rope-framed breasts; the noise-level increases substantially when Nurse Wretched reverses her straddle so she can tickle Stella's toe-tied bare feet!

ID #: FB-481