The Holly-Amarna Bondage Festival - DVD
Two Models, 52 Minutes

Holly Manning and Amarna Miller confront bondage...and each other!

Holly's boss wants to replace her with ditzy Amarna, so she rebels by tying the surprised redhead to a chair and cleave-gagging her! The sight of Amarna struggling is deeply satisfying to Holly, but when the boss returns, she winds up bound and gagged next to the hottie she despises! Although both sexy office-workers squirm vigorously against the ropes coiled around their blouses and skirts, it's Amarna who wins the race against restraint!

From her luminous blue eyes to her toe-tied bare feet, Amarna's a breathtaking sight as she twists back and forth on the rolling office-chair to which she's been roped! Amarna's flaming red hair strikingly contrasts with her tight grey dress and white tape-gag during futile contortions that leave her pinned to the chair and moaning in frustration!

When Holly returns home early and finds a naked Amarna relaxing in the marriage bed, she's understandably indignant. With her husband briefly absent, Holly takes revenge by stretching out his bare-skinned mistress on the bed with her wrists tethered above her head and her ankles tied down. Despite her tape-gag, Amarna makes plenty of noise when Holly eagerly tickles her, but the payback ends abruptly when the unrepentant hubby shows up! Intrigued by the sight of Amarna's squirming, he doubles his pleasure by stretching out his wife next to his girlfriend; barefoot now but still dressed in top and jeans, Holly writhes in disbelief next to her rival!

A strong and outspoken woman, Holly strenuously objects when the movers she's hired do a miserable job. But when she threatens to withhold payment and give them a terrible rating, their leader retaliates by roping up an astonished Holly inside a bedspread and gagging her with duct-tape! Her situation worsens after the creep pulls off her sneakers and socks; he enjoys the sight of Holly thrashing around barefoot on the floor, then pulls her legs up so he can tickle her wriggling bare feet!

Her wrists and arms already bound, bewildered executive Holly's dragged into the room and tethered to a chair by the hooded thug who grabbed her! Despite her ous plight, Holly defies his demand to reveal the location of a storage locker holding valuables he's after. The hard-hearted character has an ace up his sleeve, however, in the person of Holly's assistant Amarna; pulling aside a pair of screens, he reveals the naked little beauty tied facedown and tape- gagged on a massage table! First snapping rubber bands against the squealing Amarna's bare soles, the vicious interrogator follows with tickling up and down her body by fingernails and electronic toothbrush! Amarna's ordeal finally undermines Holly's resistance and she surrenders the information, then receives the same tape-gag treatment as Amarna. The scornful crook leaves both women struggling in bondage, but thanks to Holly's talented bare toes he may be in for a surprise!

ID #: HH-148