Girls Don't Like To Be Tied - DVD
Five Models, 51 Minutes

Sitting tightly bound and cleave-gagged in her form-fitting, barefoot blonde sprite Kenzie Kai has plenty of reason to be anxious, but it's the circle of skulls surrounding her that makes Kenzie shiver and squirm! Kenzie's small body hasn't the strength to successfully contest her bondage, so after twisting in futility, she's soon lying on her side as the skulls move even closer!

A costume party turns ous for space princess Dolly Leigh when she falls into the clutches of vampire woman Jenna Sativa! Seated imperiously on her makeshift throne, Jenna toys with with trussed and ball- gagged Dolly, who squirms barefoot on the floor in front of her oppressor as the dark lady takes selfies! Aroused by her luscious plaything, Jenna slides onto the floor to bare and fondle Dolly's breasts, then makes the happy discovery that her naked soles are very ticklish!

Parties can veer off in unexpected directions, as Jenna unhappily discovers. Dolly, on the other hand, is delighted to take the throne and push the bound nude onto the floor, then dominate Jenna with the bare feet that she'd gleefully tickled moments before! As the wicked woman squeals behind the ball-gag Dolly had mouthed, the victorious princess raises her legs and tickles her wrinkled foot-bottoms -- surprise, Jenna's even more ticklish than Dolly! A final surprise ensues, however, one that returns Dolly to bondage; naked now, she and Jenna stare daggers at each other and mumble angrily while they sit together on the floor! A brief bout of aggressive bumping leaves both struggling on their sides, a sight that's less pleasing to them than to the intruder who hijacked Jenna's party.

Pinned to an armchair by coils of rope tightened around her slender naked body, wide-eyed Ivy Wolfe mouths a ball-gag and tugs at the tether that connects her wrists to her knees! Ivy's bondage becomes more intense and her response more provocative when her hands are tied down above her head and her frogged legs spread wide and hitched to the chair arms so that she's starkly exposed!

Kenzie just can't stay out of trouble and this time she's sharing her misfortune with her tall and busty companion Alice Goods. At first the naked, bound and ball-gagged pair sit close to each other on a couch, but when they try to loosen each other's bonds, Alice and Kenzie are separated and tethered on the floor to the couch's legs! With their ankles folded tight against their thighs, awkward struggling results in both packaged nudes tumbling onto their sides, where they continue to writhe in desperation!

ID #: FB-483