Businessman's Bondage Blitz - DVD
One Model, 43 Minutes

Overconfident executive Jean Feliz thought it would be cool to sneak a professional woman into his office late in the day for a brief consultation. But his guest had larceny, not romance, on her mind and the result was an embarrassed businessman tied on his chair and gagged with duct- tape! Although Jean struggled manfully to reach his phone, he ended up seated in bondage on the floor and contemplating his looted safe!

It was humiliating enough for Jean Feliz that a lady of the evening bound and gagged him in his office. Matters became more alarming, however, when she decided to take the powerless man with her! Lying back stretched out and tied down on a bed after a change of clothing, tape-gagged Jean twisted in frustration. When his shirt was removed, the unfortunate man's bondage was reversed so that he lay face-down with his arms spread wide!

Jean's plight went from bad to worse after he was stripped to his underwear, confined in metal cuffs and ball-gagged! When he tried to slip away in his long-chain ankle cuffs, Jean was returned to the bed and immobilized with his hands cuffed in front and linked to the ankle- chain. Awkward as this position was, Jean found it more appealing than what followed when his hands were once again cuffed behind him and connected with the ankle-chain to create a very solid hogtie!

Freed from metal, Jean was returned to rope restraint in more colorful underwear as he stood bound and cleave-gagged! Straining cautiously while supported by an overhead rope-chain connection, the bewildered businessman had no choice but submission when he was repositioned kneeling on a a square platform!

The bondage education of Jean Feliz concluded with an eerie episode in a dark room that began with the underwear-clad enterpreneur lying roped to a black-covered table and gagged with black tape! As a grotesquely humorous gesture, a skull was propped between Jean's bound legs; after the intimidated exec was rolled onto his stomach and hogtied, the skull made a return visit in tight proximity to Jean's field of vision!

ID #: MIB-118