The Trail Of Dr. Garth - DVD
45 Minutes, Four Models

A Bondage Video by Jon Woods! Starring Indica James, Tilly McReese, Vanessa Veracruz and Loren Chance with Jon Woods.

Dr. Wayne Garth, the enigmatic inventor and founder of Cerberus Research Industries, has gone missing. One of those looking for him is the supervillain "The Black Hoodie." As the tale opens, one of Dr. Garth's androids (Indica James) is seeking the inventor when she encounters the dark villain. The masked criminal overpowers the plastic-clad beauty and she's paralyzed, unable to resist him as he ballgags her with a device that prevents her from sending out a signal. She remains motionless, unable to do anything but whimper in her frozen state as the shadowy intruder fetches super-strong restraints to keep the luscious robot captive. The AI minion is then secured to a chair with the black straps, cleavegagged and powerless to stop her captor as he attaches a sinister humming device between her thighs that will download all her data. The android struggles to free herself and stop the unauthorized intrusion, but she finds this new sensation unusually titillating and she succumbs to a helpless technical orgasm.

Buxom government agent Tilly McReese has found Dr. Garth's secret study, and she's looking for clues to his whereabouts when she discovers she's not alone: The Black Hoodie is there! The villain employs one of the doctor's own inventions, the DeMoore Frequency, and the stunning brunette immediately succumbs to the ineluctable tone and she's begging the intruder to tie her up. By the time the effects have subsided, Agent McReese is tied standing hands-over-head. The Black Hoodie cleavegags her, then exposes her considerable breasts. Tilly squirms and moans, but she knows she can't escape him.

Then "The Leztina Burglar" (Vanessa Veracruz) is dispatched to a house in the suburbs on a mysterious mission. She's sneaking around when her intended target, Sextavia (Loren Chance) creeps up behind her and overpowers the booted babe. The lady of the house hogties Vanessa (shown on-screen) and bandana- gags the miniskirted intruder. She also opens up Vanessa's blouse and exposes her breasts as she looks for any telltale clues as to who may have sent Ms. Veracruz. The captive Latina works desperately to free herself as Loren tries to contact the authorities, and the busty burglar's escape artist skills don't fail her.

Vanessa gets the upper hand with the aqua-haired lady, and the barefoot captive is cleavegagged and fold- tied on the floor. The Leztina Burglar believes her assignment is back on track, but her victory is short- lived. The Black Hoodie appears and he grabs Vanessa hand-over- mouth, and then Vanessa is ballgagged and sitting bound next to Sextavia. The villain tells Ms. Veracruz the truth about her boss, Dr. Garth. And he informs Sextavia that he intends to use her as bait for the missing inventor. Vanessa is tapegagged and sent on her way with her hands tied behind her back. The Black Hoodie then finds a way to transform Sextavia into a mermaid, and she's left tied and tapegagged in an empty pool, desperately struggling to liberate herself before she's spirited away.

ID #: JW-104
Price: $25.00