Max's Bad Day In Bondage - DVD
One Model, 45 Minutes

Returning home after a jog, wealthy entrepreneur Max Evergreen receives a shocking reception when he's grabbed by a hooded intruder who ties his hands behind his back and gags him with duct tape! Trussed-up in his sleeveless shirt and jogging shorts, Max is loaded into the back of an SUV, where he struggles in desperation before the hatchback's closed and he's driven away!

When Max reaches his destination, he's held in the corner of a shabby room where he sits bound and gagged on the floor! While his greedy hosts negotiate an expensive exchange for Max, the resourceful businessman searches for a means of escape and finds it when he spots a phone left carelessly nearby. But soon after Max manages to stand up and grab the phone, he's caught by the vigilant villain; to remind him who's in charge, Max is stripped to his underwear and left hogtied on the floor!

When Max is freed from the hogtie, he hopes that he'll soon be released, but instead is tightly bound to an armless wooden chair and gagged with a knotted black cleave! Max strains manfully against the web of rope pinning him to the chair until his hooded nemesis arrives and adds to the intimidation by tilting him backward! Frustrated with the slow progress of his scheme, this evil man accentuates Max's misery by blindfolding him.

Just in case Max was getting too comfortable in his corner, he's transferred to a closet where he stands with his wrists tied before him to the horizontal bar. Still clad only in underwear and balancing uneasily because his ankles are bound, Max works to bring his hands close to the duct-tape gag until he's thwarted by having his hands re-tied behind him! Writhing on the floor, Max tries to prevent panic from overwhelming him as the closet door is closed!

Max is back on his feet again, now roped to a wooden post that's linked to a hanging chain. Ball-gagged and increasingly apprehensive, Max awaits the words that will put an end to this incredible ordeal, but when they come he's been lowered to the floor, where he sits still tethered to the post! The man whose face Max will never see parts company with him by sneering at his humiliating position, then leaves the struggling target of his profitable scheme!

ID #: MIB-119