I'm Here To Bind And Gag You - DVD
Seven Models, 45 Minutes

For Penny Pax and Giselle Palmer, standing bound, gagged and naked next to each other only increases their erotic attraction! Whether it's gorgeous Giselle leaning down to press breasts with petite Penny, or the little redhead nuzzling her tape-gagged mouth against her girlfriend's bosom, the trussed-up couple generates amazing sensual energy! Even after they curl up face-to-face on the floor, Penny and Giselle continue their irresistible nude bondage romance!

Janet Bradley's looking luscious in a harem costume as she curls up to chat with a friend about the costume party she'll attend later in the evening. But cat-burglar Sara Brown has her own plans for sweet Janet; once she has her pretty prey tied and tape-gagged, Sara can't resist baring the harem hottie's breasts for some friendly fondling! When resourceful Janet uncovers her phone and tries to call for help, the bad cat retaliates with a hogtie that leaves the innocent girl wriggling on her stomach, her bare feet arching close to her hands!

The reckless burglar sticks around too long, so Sara receives a dose of the same rope-and-gag medicine she prescribed for Janet! Freed of her bonds, the costumed beauty relishes the sight of her nemesis in black squirming in white ropes and mouthing a white cloth gag! After taunting Sara while phoning the police, Janet removes her mask and heels, then watches with a smile while the downcast bad girl writhes barefoot and humiliated. Of course, Janet isn't going to forget her most restrictive moments under Sara's sway, so she makes sure that the once-agile cat spends her last few moments before the law arrives in an immobilizing hogtie all her own!

Is it a nightmare, a steamy fantasy, or a massage gone very wrong? Even Janna Hicks isn't sure; all she knows is that she's roped naked on her back to a massage table, her wrists tethered above her head, her ankles pinned in place and her lips spread by a knotted cloth! Janna's energetic struggling fails to loosen the ropework, nor can she prevent an alteration in the bondage that folds her legs against her chest and secures her wrists under her knees. Her pussy exposed and her sculpted bare soles vulnerable to mischievous fingers, Janna's more bewildered than ever!

Vivacious nude model Maya Kendrick just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when an angry intruder puts an abrupt end to her session with photographer Chloe Scott! After listening to him accuse Chloe of photographic improprieties and demand that she return the images, Maya meekly asks to leave; instead she's left bound and gagged on the bed while he heads off with Chloe! Once she's turned over everything the bully wants, Chloe orders him out of her studio but he only leaves after she joins Maya in naked bondage! Stunned by the outcome of their shoot, the tape-gagged model and photographer huddle next to each other and twist awkwardly against the ropework folding them onto their hips!

ID #: FB-486