Travails Of A Blonde Super Heroine - DVD
Two Models, 41 Minutes

You'd never guess it from her abbreviated outfit of tight crop-top, ultra-short denim shorts and pink sneakers, but Audrey Royal is a princess in bondage! Held by shadowy conspirators, Audrey's gagged with duct- tape, tightly bound and hidden in the corner of a junk-strewn room, but the feisty princess refuses to surrender. Writhing across the wooden floor, Audrey makes limited progress until her eyes brighten when a surprising figure looms above her. It's secret agent Alexa Grace, masked and sleekly garbed in black, who's come to Audrey's rescue -- but before she can even begin to free the princess, Alexa's grabbed and the rescue's ruined!

Audrey's brief hope of freedom has disappeared, along with her clothing! Seated in her familiar position on the floor but with ropework coiled snugly around her naked body now, the sexy princess chews on a knotted white cloth and looks up in despair at her would-be savior. Balancing on spiked sandals that highlight her red-nailed toes, Alexa stands six-feet tall but she's become merely another bound and gagged pawn! Apprehensive Audrey's left alone for a period when Alexa's removed for interrogation; once more, she rolls onto her hip and struggles spirtedly but her strength is unequal to the challenge posed by knotted ropes!

When Alexa and Audrey are reunited, the princess has been allowed to cover her nudity but their situation otherwise remains precarious. As they sit side-by-side on a legless couch, both the secret agent and the subject of her mission are more tightly bound then ever and their lips are spread by ball-gags! Alexa's failure is nastily emphasized when she's unmasked and her breasts are bared; Audrey's chest receives the same treatment and both are vividly aware of the conspirators' contemptuous attitude as they roll next to each other on the carpeted floor!

The response from Audrey's family hasn't been what the schemers expected, so the frustrated evildoers make things even tougher on the hapless women. Tied facedown on the purple platform, their ankles pinned and their lips sealed with tape, Alexa and Audrey continue to strain against their bonds but with diminishing expectations of escaping. Their pessimism is justified when they're briefly untethered, only to have their feet raised close to their hands so that their bodies can be bowed into hogties!

But perhaps there's reason for optimism after all -- as Audrey and Alexa stand lightly tied and ungagged, they speculate that release may be only moments away. Sorry, ladies, you're going on a trip but not the kind you're hoping for! Instead, the unhappy pair's placed facing each other in a blue bedspread that's roped into a cocoon holding them securely in its grasp! Protests from Alexa and Audrey are inevitably greeted with tape-gags and they're left to wriggle in extreme proximity while their oppressors prepare transportation for them.

ID #: HH-151