A Star Is Bound - DVD
Two Models, 49 Minutes

Giselle Palmer tried to shut down a low-budget film production but Alexis Taylor had other plans for the sexy CPA!

Frustrated investors told production accountant Giselle Palmer to close down the film -- they weren't about to waste another dollar on one more day of that over-budget Lizard Man crap! When Giselle went to the set and informed the director of their decision, he complained that he needed to shoot only a few more scenes to finish his masterpiece. When she told him that the actors had all been told not to show up, the eccentric auteur lost his cool and ordered assistant Alexis Taylor to seize the stunned Giselle! Alexis performed her task efficiently, first tying Giselle's hands behind her back, then gagging her with a knotted cloth before coiling rope around her breasts as the trembling girl knelt on the floor! After her ankles were bound, Giselle struggled on her stomach in stockinged feet while Alexis and her boss shared the insight that the lovely blonde bore a close resemblance to their lead actress! Once her breasts were bared to assure that Giselle's bosom also measured up to their former star, the transformation of accountant to actress was underway.

Attired in a short, off-the-shoulder red polka-dot dress, Giselle reclined on a small blue couch, her hands tied under her knees and her mouth covered with microfoam tape! The indignant young woman's mumbled protests made no impact on the delusional director, who encouraged her to resist her bondage even more energetically! To Giselle's dismay, Alexis soon entered the scene, removed the sandals from her bare feet and happily tickled the bound girl's soles! A change of position then spread-eagled Giselle as she sat on the couch; once again Alexis took pleasure in exposing the novice starlet's breasts and toying with her as the crazed director exulted!

There was no doubt about Giselle's star quality as she sat bound with tan rope and tethered to the corner of a square platform! Eyes wide above her tape-gag, Giselle appeared breathtakingly ethereal in her translucent white gown; when her nemesis reappeared, she whimpered in desperation but Alexis performed as a perfect villainess, first fondling her body through the sheer fabric, then opening it for another glimpse at those rope-framed orbs! But the predatory woman had a more restrictive future planned for her sweet co-star: After re-arranging Giselle on her stomach, Alexis introduced her to the rigors of a hogtie and elicited contortions of her bowed body with fingernail-bare sole contact!

The slightly insane directing team moved their film's conclusion into daringly bare territory by divesting the humiliated Giselle of all clothing, then standing her naked against a wall in nerve-wracking proximity to the title character! Gagged with a bandanna, her nude body tautly rope-oppressed, Giselle gazed up in disbelief as Alexis pushed her closer to the rather inexpressive Lizard Man. To emphasize her submission, Alexis then had the powerless girl kneel on a chair directly under the reptilian mutant's empty eyes!

Alexis assumed that their film had reached its climax with Giselle's symbolic offering to the Lizard Man, but the inspired director decided that a twist finale was in order. That's why an indignant Alexis found herself roped to a chair while a revenge-minded Giselle stood next to her; dressed once again in blouse, skirt and heels, the new star was more than happy to follow orders and ball- gag Alexis! Then, displaying improvisational qualities she never knew she possessed, Giselle yanked down the top of her former oppressor's colorful gown and pulled off her shoes; breasts fondled and soles tickled, Alexis murmured angrily at the treacherous director and his sweetly mean new favorite! But Giselle's masterstroke occurred when she maneuvered the Lizard Man's claws cozily around Alexis's massive mammaries - - the fire in her glistening green eyes would cause anyone to quake if she hadn't been so comprehensively bound and gagged!

ID #: HH-152