Delicate Damsels Deceived And Detained - DVD
Six Models, 47 Minutes

Her diminutive size rarely was a source of trouble for Kennedy Kressler but her petite body did make it easier for evildoers to fit her into a wooden chest once she was bound and gagged! The feisty sprite wriggled in the box's tight confines and kicked her bare feet high in the air until she realized that the position of her bound hands made it possible to reach her tape-gag. But before she could take full advantage of her discovery, the tiny blonde's hands were retied behind her and she was moved to the top of the closed chest. Ball-gagged and toe-tied, Kennedy tried hard to free herself but her best effort wasn't good enough!

Take your choice: A fresh-faced leggy blonde in tight red sleeveless top and short black shorts (Chloe Scott) or a bright-eyed tall brunette rocking a blue crop-top and denim shorts (Maya Kendrick). Both are barefoot, of course, which reveals that Chloe's toe-nails are pink and Maya's light-purple; both also sit nervously on the edge of a bed, understandable emotions since they're gagged with black tape and restrictively bound! So there's really no need to choose between them after all -- Maya and Chloe won't be going anywhere anytime soon, especially after these appealing young ladies are more decisively restrained by hogties!

Indica James loved the colorful elements of her first photo-shoot in months -- attired in a red sarong, tropical flowers in her long brown hair and a lei around her neck, she posed barefoot on a platform against a dazzling blue ocean background. But the good vibes turned sinister once the arrogant photographer made the creative decision to kink up the shoot; Indica tried to resist but he was the one with rope and it didn't take long to transform her into a bound, tape-gagged and bare-breasted island girl! Frustrated because he wasn't getting sufficiently appealing shots of Indica's soles, the crazed shutterbug solved his problem by hogtying his extremely model!

Novice cat-burglar Riley Anne wasn't careful enough in casing the location of her first break-in because homeowner Ayumi Anime obviously has a special set of skills! Within moments of her apprehension, the slender blonde kitten sat bound and ball-gagged under the control of the smirking exotic beauty, who decided to enjoy some playtime with her cute little visitor before notifying the authorities! After removing Riley's high- heeled sandals, Ayumi rearranged her on the lounge; flat on her stomach, the masked miss was powerless to prevent the fun-loving disciplinarian from tickling her tender bare soles!

Ayumi's confrontation with Riley would have ended more satisfactorily for her if she hadn't grown complacent and given the desperate girl time to escape. Instead of bolting, Riley was determined to have her revenge, which she accomplished by treating the stunned woman to nearly identical bondage and placing the same ball-gag she'd mouthed between Ayumi's protesting lips! The increasingly confident burglar delighted in Ayumi's humiliation after she pulled down the top of her bright red dress to expose her breasts; after baring her feet, Riley placed her struggling prey in the same position she'd occupied and completed her payback with interest by tantalizing Ayumi's arching foot-bottoms!

ID #: FB-488