Business Schemes Cause Bondage - DVD
Six Models, 47 Minutes

CFO Alexis Taylor and her protege Charlotte Stokely were inseparable, so when rogue hedge-fund operatives needed to manipulate Alexis as part of their scheme, lovely Charlotte was the perfect instrument for their purposes! After they ordered Alexis to bind and gag her favorite employee, she was whisked away to grudgingly exercise her expertise while Charlotte was left in the care of a henchwoman. Of course, once this shady lady got a look at the blonde doll trussed-up in her neat pin-striped business suit, she couldn't resist playing with her, so out popped Charlotte's perky breasts and off came the pumps from her stockinged feet!

Alexis joylessly completed the tasks required of her, then was bound and gagged herself! In contrast to her conservative jacket and skirt, the buxom businesswoman displayed an exuberant desire to free herself by kicking her red heels high in the air. But where were Charlotte and the operative assigned to keep an eye on her? The answer was embarrassingly obvious, so once the powerless blonde was rescued from the lustful woman's clutches, she was reunited with Alexis. This kinky femme couldn't resist exposing the indignant executive's impressive breasts as well, so both pawns in the evil game writhed in discomfort until they managed at last to free themselves from their ropework entanglement!

It's not easy to be a sneaky spy at your new place of employment when you're a tall, voluptuous young lady like Blair Williams. Blair simply attracted too much attention, which resulted in a tight, rope-related predicament for the sexy secretary. One of her envious office colleagues assumed that the high-level execs were playing kinky games with the new girl so she had some fun exposing Blair's breasts despite earnest squeals for help! Resourceful Blair did find a device that could have led to freedom, but she didn't have enough time to pull off the escape. Instead, the would-be Jane Bond was whisked away from the office to a distant location, where she languished in hogtied displeasure while an appropriate exchange was arranged!

After business partners Riley Anne and Ayumi Anime were bound and tape-gagged, Ayumi stood hitched to a stairway railing while Riley was exiled to the second floor. Before long, however, the daring little blonde slid carefully downstairs and tried to loosen her partner's wrist ropes with her bare toes! But the beleaguered businesswomen were caught before they could free themselves, then tethered together with Riley seated on the floor in a position that would make any efforts to assist each other much more difficult.

Tied up in blouse, skirt and heels, diminutive secretary Kennedy Kressler sat on a kitchen countertop, her eyes anxious above a tape-gag! Desperate to escape, Kennedy slipped off her shoes and carefully stretched her legs toward the floor, but before she could go any farther, the barefoot little blonde was immobilized on the floor by a rope folding her legs close to her body!

ID #: SB-161