The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of Instinct - DVD
Two Models, 44 Minutes

Her partner argued that there was no reason to check out the empty mansion again, but police detective Holly Manning had a feeling that missing debutante Ivy Jones just might be hidden there. Playing her hunch paid off for Holly when she spotted the bound and gagged little blonde squirming up a steep stairway. But then she discovered why her partner had tried to guide her away from the house -- he was a dirty cop involved in the scheme that intended to exchange Ivy for a seven-figure reward! So Holly joined the innocent girl in bondage as both sat tied and tape-gagged on a couch and waited uneasily for the next move in this sinister game!

Neither lady would be going anywhere for awhile, so the treacherous cop cynically arranged for them to be more comfortable by having Holly exchange her blouse and skirt for a sleeveless top and blue jeans, while Ivy was entirely deprived of her clothing! Gagged with duct-tape and roped into submission, they sat behind a large desk with their bare feet propped onto its surface; to Holly's dismay, this position allowed her despised partner access to brazenly suck her toes!

The conscienceless detective moved his angry playthings once again, so that Holly and Ivy stood side-by-side in front of a glass-enclosed fireplace. Still naked, tied and cleave- gagged, Ivy shivered as she balanced on her slender bare feet; similarly bound and gagged, Holly was granted the privilege of a casual orange dress and sandals. When Holly's vindictive ex-partner allowed them to sit on the floor, the cloth gags were replaced with duct- tape and their mobility was compromised with rope-links between their waists and ankles!

Fortunately for the innocent nude and the dedicated policewoman, their corrupt oppressor overplayed his hand and undermined the conspiracy he believed would make him rich. Seated against a bed's headboard, Ivy and Holly were subdued with strips of thin silver tape that were also used to silence them. Already tape-bound, the imed women were powerless to prevent their betrayer from wrapping multiple strands over their mouths and around their necks until they were thoroughly gagged! But he'd underestimated Holly's determination to bring him to justice; athletically garbed in tank-top and shorts, she rolled about energetically on the bed until she managed to free her wrists from the tape's confinement, then release herself and Ivy from his control!

ID #: HH-156