A Delicious Bondage Feast - DVD
Six Models, 54 Minutes

A ravenous dominatrix, black-clad blonde Agatha Delicious towers over lovely dark-haired nude Lola Pearl, who lies pinned to a massage table in a rope network! Wicked Agatha answers Lola's pleas for mercy by gagging her with several strips of duct-tape, then covers her with a sheet to prepare a thrilling surprise for her client. When Lola's unveiled, Agatha briefly tickles her bare feet, then shamelessly straddles her so she can tease and lick the writhing beauty's breasts! She's reluctant to leave her plaything but finally departs so that the visitor can admire Lola's contortions in privacy!

Agatha never expected to see Lola again, so she's stunned when her vengeful prey surprises and overpowers her one night! Standing trussed to a stair- railing in a skin-tight red teddy, Agatha barely has time to speak before smirking Lola stuffs a large wad of cloth in her mouth and secures it with duct-tape. Then it's open season on the intimidated bad girl, as Lola pinches and mouths her nipples, tugs on a crotch-rope and raises a high- heel menacingly above Agatha's red-nailed bare feet! But the dom's humiliation has just begun: After peeling off the tape from Agatha's mouth and allowing her to spit out the stuffing, Lola relocates her to a kneeling position in front of her couch. There she exacts richly satisfying payback by sitting back and thrusting her bare toes into the bound blonde's mouth before compelling Agatha to lick her soles!

When word gets around about a burglar in the neighborhood, Alexis Taylor assures friends that he'll be sorry if he ever pays her a visit! Alexis soon has reason to eat her words after the hooded thief materializes and she soon sits trussed-up in her tank-top, blue jeans and bare feet on the edge of her dining table, where she murmurs in tape- gagged frustration! The voluptuous captive undergoes further humiliation when her stunning breasts are bared; after she slips off the table and tries to hop away, Alexis is tied backward in a chair, with her jeans pulled down just far enough to reveal her leopard-print thong- panties!

The old costume-party con traps Ashley Lane, who's enticingly clad as a student in a grey jacket, red plaid skirt, frilly white ankle socks and black spike heels. What sweet Ashley didn't expect were additions to her costume, such as a red ball-gag, black blindfold and the white rope mastering her slender body as she sits in a wooden chair! Ashley's struggling casts off the blindfold, but she remains bound as her breasts are bared and her shoes removed. When the brave girl tries to free herself from the chair, her tormentors add a rope-link between her wrists and ankles, then watch while she rolls from side to stomach on the wooden floor!

Her home's a safe haven, so why wouldn't delicate Riley Anne take a much- needed nap on her couch clothed only in bra and panties? But then a woman's hand slips in to cover Riley's mouth and before she's fully awake, the little blonde's lying tape- gagged on her stomach with her hands and feet bound! Awakened by the unusual sounds, lingerie-clad housemate Ayumi Anime comes downstairs, only to be greeted with identical bondage that leaves her seated in restraint on the nearby lounge. Before making her exit, the cautious burglar leaves Riley struggling in a hogtie on the couch, while Ayumi endures an identical plight on the lounge!

ID #: FB-490
Price: $25.00