The Brit-Nina Bondage Battle - DVD
Two Models, 47 Minutes

When Britney Amber informed a senior executive that her corporate colleague Nina Skye was selling company secrets to a competitor, she had no idea that he was Nina's co-conspirator -- or that Nina was waiting to seize and overpower her! Once the stunned Britney was roped to a wooden chair and cleave-gagged, lustful Nina took advantage of her busty colleague, first by exposing, fondling and licking a pair of massive breasts, then tantalizing ticklish bare soles while the powerless girl squealed!

While her criminal mentor was elsewhere, Nina continued to toy with Britney after her hapless rival was stripped, tied and tape-gagged! Mischievous Nina left Britney's legs untied so she could briefly chase, then corner, her; with her prey backed against a wall and ankles tied, gleeful Nina once again woman-handled her breasts before boldly lowering a hand between Britney's legs to caress her pussy!

Nina's assumption that she had Britney completely under her control turned out to be spectacularly wrong, so her complacency resulted in a dizzying role reversal! Off came her dress and heels and on went ropes and tape; a re-clothed Britney relished her revenge as her fingers and tongue roamed over Nina's breasts. While the crestfallen corporate spy trembled under her domination, Britney yanked down Nina's panties so her hand could test the tenderness of her bound enemy's pussy!

If Britney had been behaving rationally, she would have notified the authorities about the corruption she'd discovered; instead, aroused by Nina's nude vulnerability, she placed her facedown on a nearby couch. Now gagged with duct-tape, the sexy spy squirmed unhappily when Britney tickled her bare soles and spanked her bottom! But when the once- meek executive began to vigorously caress the sweet spot between her legs, Nina's emotions were ambivalent; after Britney abruptly ended her attentions, she felt vaguely cheated. Nina's frustration grew as a hogtie minimized her mobility and her triumphant opponent savored her struggles while preparing to leave!

Britney had delayed her departure just slightly too long, however, a decision she bitterly regretted when the nefarious mastermind returned and trapped her! Naked once again, trussed up and ball-gagged, Britney sat on the couch next to the woman she despised, who remained in bondage. Her boss had been disappointed by Nina's failure to maintain control over Britney, so he informed her that her services were no longer required; instead, one of his other operatives would arrive to take charge of both troublesome ladies. This announcement sparked desperate exertions of naked bodies against unyielding ropework, but their failure left the bound and gagged pair writhing on the wooden floor, ankles linked to their waists!

ID #: HH-159
Price: $25.00