Bare Feet, Ball Gags And Hogties - DVD
Four Models, 44 Minutes

Scarlett Sage is dressed light-heartedly in a red summer top and black leggings, but the barefoot sprite's seated on the floor in a serious bind! Gagged with a white cleave, tiny Scarlett battles her bondage with noisy vigor until she rolls onto her side, where her movements are limited by a rope-link between her wrists and ankles!

Enjoy lovely Lola Pearl's misadventures that first finds her seated tied and tape-gagged on the edge of a circular table; her lithe body's clothed in a black sleeveless top, short plaid skirt and high-heeled black boots. Lola's deprived of her boots after she's rearranged on the table in a hogtie that provides a striking view of her toe-tied bare feet as the wide-eyed temptress arches with amazing flexibility!

Chi Chi Medina's amazed that a photo-shoot can take such an ominous detour -- one moment, the sizzling latina's proudly modelling her tight blue dress; the next, her body's been constricted with rope! A mouth-filling ball-gag squelches Chi Chi's understandable objections, then the foot-loving shutterbug ties her big toes together. To put an exclamation point on his dubious project, he then arranges his squirming subject on the platform so that hogtied Chi Chi will have the opportunity to arch athletically while displaying her toe-tied soles!

A different aspect of Scarlett emerges after she's stripped to her panties and tied standing to the headboard of her bed. Petite but feisty, Scarlett verbally defies the villain holding her, a courageous act that earns her a shiny red ball-gag! The black rope binding her stands out against her bare skin as she strains against the tether and tries to free herself, but Scarlett's only destination is the bed's surface, where she struggles in hogtied frustration!

They don't have much in common: gorgeous brunette Lola Pearl's barefoot in her pink and white nighty, while buxom blonde MILF Agatha Delicious is clad in skintight black lingerie and fishnet stockings. But Lola and Agatha share bondage plight as they mouth ball-gags and stand balancing in taut restraint! And later both kneel precariously on wooden chairs, their breasts bared after fingers pluck at knots in a strenuous attempt to free themselves!

ID #: FB-491
Price: $25.00