The Holly Manning Mysteries: A Case Of Insanity - DVD
Two Models, 40 Minutes

Detective Holly Manning has never met anyone like crazed cult beauty Lola Pearl!

On her day off, good-hearted Holly decided to check on an elderly acquaintance she hadn't seen in some time. But Holly made a crucial mistake when her memory faltered and she entered the wrong house, where she was immediately seized and held in the python-like grasp of gorgeous wacko Lola Pearl! Within moments, the astonished Holly sat writhing on the floor, gagged with duct-tape and tightly bound with rope coiled around her top and jeans! A sufficiently alarming situation in itself, but one that became even more disturbing for Holly when Lola slithered out of her short white dress, then treated the struggling detective to a naked embrace, all the while babbling about the cult to which she belonged and its wondrous Master! Lola promised Holly a marvelous future serving him but the trussed-up detective understandably remained skeptical.

Like most people, Holly enjoys a massage but when she lay on her back elaborately roped to the massage table, the intrepid detective knew that she was not about to have a relaxing experience! As she strained against the unforgiving rope web, Holly tried to reason with Lola, who merely laughed disturbingly while sealing her lips with tape. Holly's bizarre encounter with the wild-eyed cult princess became even more startling, however, when the naked Lola climbed onto the table to lie on her bound and gagged friend as if she were cuddling a favorite doll! Clearly enthralled by the lovely stranger, Lola later knelt on the floor, slipped off Holly's sandals and sucked her bare toes!

Although Lola believed she was successfully recruiting Holly for the cult, her unpredictable Master strongly disagreed. The Master expressed his dissatisfaction in stringent fashion by leaving his stunning disciple in naked bondage on the floor; Lola's expressive eyes conveyed her sorrow at failing him as her lithe nude body contorted in rope and she moaned behind her tape-gag! Holly had been released by the Master and when she managed to elude him, she returned to find Lola writhing on her stomach. Hoping to rescue the deluded young woman, Holly tried to untie her but froze when Lola reacted with noisy hostility -- then she felt the evil man's hands covering her mouth and seizing her arm!

So Holly was returned to restraint, her body secured with rope, her voice muffled by tape and her bare feet pinned together by a toe-tie. Holly sat on a low platform that she shared with Lola, but while she twisted in frustration at her inability to loosen her bonds, the brainwashed nude girl huddled happily next to her like a long-lost friend, then rolled onto her side and placed her head in Holly's lap! When hard work finally paid off for the indignant detective and she burst free from her ropework, Holly also liberated Lola despite furious resistance. Still under the Master's spell, however, Lola negated Holly's generosity by grabbing nearby metal cuffs and returning herself to captivity! The courageous woman sadly accepted that she was dealing with a hopeless case, so she left Lola eagerly rattling her cuffs and ran from the madhouse before the Master could return!

ID #: HH-160
Price: $25.00