Bound And Gagged Couples - DVD
Ten Models, 43 Minutes

Blindfolded brunette Lola Pearl whimpers behind a tape gag as she struggles against the ropes. When her hero (Dogo Da Vinci) comes in to save her he finds himself confronted by her captor and gets blindfolded, tape gagged and rope bound as well. As they struggle the blindfolds come off but getting free of the ropes and gags is going to take some more work!

A nasty lady from Holly Manning's past has chosen her home to hide out for a few days. With Holly bound to a chair, she's ordered to call her boyfriend and cancel their date; once the phone call's over, Holly's gagged with a white cloth. The wicked woman's scheme becomes more complicated when faithful boyfriend Joseph Brown shows up to check on Holly's well-being! The surprise interruption of Joseph doesn't deter Holly Manning's captor. She handles the situation efficiently by tying and gagging Joseph next to his girlfriend. The anxious couple work hard trying to free themselves as Joseph slips to the floor so Holly can attempt to loosen his wrists bonds with her bare toes!

Stripped from their clothing Cassidy Klein and Lucas Frost are bound with tight rope and tape gagged.

Being surprised in their own bedroom Alix Lynx and Max Evergreen get cuffed and tape gagged by a kinky bad guy. After looting their place the villain leaves the helpless couple hogtied!

Barely clad couple Alexis Ferreira and Paolo Pasolini are just relaxing on the couch when they receive some unexpected (and unwanted) guests! Paolo is ordered to cuff the beauty's hands behind her back and tape her mouth shut, then he ties her ankles. As Alexis struggles alone, Paolo is taken to "help" the bad guys, before joining her also cuffed, gagged and tied on the couch! After struggling together and a few close calls of actually getting free, Alexis gets hogtied on the couch with Paolo on the floor!

ID #: CC-52
Price: $25.00